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OS in 10.6.4 pastes screenshots as TIFF

Out of some behind-the-scenes frustration on the TUAW team email list, we seem to have discovered a quirk in Mac OS X 10.6.4. Using the built-in screenshot tools, you can copy a screenshot to the clipboard using Command + Control + Shift + 3 (or 4,...

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iTunes 9.2 adds checkbox for automatic sync of new apps

We already told you about iTunes 9.2 being released, but there was a little new feature in there which may have escaped your notice. At the bottom of the list of apps that you can install on your iDevice is a checkbox to automatically sync new...

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Mac OS X 10.6.4 is in Software Update

Head on over to Software Update to find the latest OS X dot release.10.6.4 is now available -- and in addition to the usual split between delta and combo updates, and regular/server versions, there's another wrinkle here: the Mac mini released today...

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Apple seeds Mac OS X 10.6.3 build 10D573 to devs, release probably not imminent

The saga of the 10.6.3 builds continue. Yesterday Apple seeded a new build -- build 10D573 -- to developers. This latest build, similar to the others, asks developers to focus on Graphics Drivers, Images & Photos, Mail, QuickTime, and Security...

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Happy birthday! Mac OS X turns 9

It was nine years ago today that Mac OS X 10.0 was born -- or became available to the general public anyway. On September 13, 2000 Apple released a public beta called "Kodiak" (think of this as OS X's conception). On March 24, 2001 Apple effectively...

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20 zero-day security holes in Mac OS X to be revealed

Charles Miller, a computer security researcher who's worked with the NSA, is planning to reveal 20 zero-day security holes in Mac OS X at CanSecWest, a digital security conference, in Vancouver BC next week. A zero-day security hole is a weakness in...

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What do you want to see in Mac OS X 10.7?

It's time again for another Dear, Apple letter from the readers of TUAW. In our first series (part one, part two, part three) you told us what you want to see in the next iPhone OS. Now we need your help again to tell Apple what you want to see in...

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Cool weird stuff: TUAW reader accidentally downloads 10.6.3 pre-release

Just in case you're thinking that Apple employee access was to blame, here are some basic facts: The reader bought the iMac online from the Apple Store and was never in a retail store with it. The reader who sent us these screen shots is not an Apple...

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Mac OS X 10.6.3 imminent?

After only two days since the last build was seeded, Apple has pushed another 10.6.3 version out to developers. The newest build is numbered 10D572 and focuses on Graphics Drivers, Quicktime, Images & Photos, Mail, and Security Certificates. In...

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Apple seeds new build of Mac OS X 10.6.3

iPhoneinCanada is reporting that Apple has seeded a new build of Mac OS X 10.6.3. The build, numbered 10D571, weighs in around 700MB and focuses on Graphics Drivers, iChat, QuickTime, Fonts. The build also fixes: Compatibility issues with...

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More suggestions of multitasking in iPhone OS 4.0

Developers have found further evidence of multitasking support for 3rd party iPhone apps in the latest beta (3.2 beta 4) of the iPhone SDK, and suggest that it will become a reality this summer. 9to5 Mac reports on a new line found deep within the...

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OpenGL 4.0 announced during GDC

Today, the Khronos Group announced the launch of OpenGL 4.0, the cross-platform 3D & graphics API. OpenGL was most recently at version 3.2. Updated specifications are available at the site. Game and 3D developers are presumably...

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How to: Get your 1984 Mac running Snow Leopard

Because of that, his instructions get a little technical (he actually replaced the innards rather than just trying to fit a Mac mini in there or something similarly easy). So this isn't a very good project for a first-timer for sure. But if you've...

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Google responds to Apple lawsuit against HTC

There's one more player in the ongoing the Apple/HTC lawsuit announced the other day. It's Google, which yesterday admitted that it wasn't a party to the lawsuit, but that it would "stand behind our Android operating system and the partners who have...

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Quantcast: Apple share of OS growing while Microsoft shrinks slightly

Research released today indicates that in North America, Apple's Mac OS X is gaining traction, while the Windows share of the OS market is shrinking ever so slightly. That's the report from Quantcast, a company that measures and analyzes web...

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TUAW redux: The future of iPhone OS and Mac OS

One of the big topics of discussion yesterday in our TUAW back channel was this post from the New York Times Bits blog. In "Why can't PCs work more like iPhones," Bilton pointed out that the iPhone has given Apple a chance to build a new OS from the...

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