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Report: IT provider Infosys overbilled Apple, CEO and CFO on the way out

It's not nice to fool around with Apple, especially when you're an outsourced tech support company that's making about US$2 billion a year from work with the Cupertino kids. 9to5Mac, citing a post in The Economic Times of India, reports that Apple contractor Infosys has fired the CFO of its busine...

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Google Maps for iPhone losing share to Apple Maps app

Despite a launch that was misdirecting drivers, moving Australian towns and otherwise making people quite unhappy, the Apple Maps app appears to be not only getting over its initial issues, but also gaining a tremendous amount of market share -- at the expense of Google Maps. 9to5Mac's Ben Lovejo...

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MacBook Pro, iMac with new Ivy Bridge processors show up on benchmarks

As Chris Rawson noted in today's rumor roundup, there are some fascinating indications that new Macs may be on the way to an Apple Store near you. Geekbench is a cross-platform processor benchmarking tool that is used to provide numbers on the relative capabilities of computers with various C...

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iMac supplies constrained, indicating possible refresh soon

If supplies of certain iMac models are any indication, a refresh of Apple's all-in-one iMac may be in the works. This would be the first update of the iMac line since July 27, 2010, when the Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 machines first became available. 9to5 Mac is reporting that supplies of the de...

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Flex testing iPad glass

The folks at iFixYouri had some glass panels from an iPad 1 and an iPad 2 laying around the shop and did some informal tests to see which panel would break under stress. An earlier analysis by iFixit revealed the glass in the iPad 2 was 27% thinner than the iPad 1. The California repair company...

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Mac App Store shots reveal Parental Controls, store helper app

9to5Mac apparently snuck its way into the Mac App Store a little early (the marketplace is set to open up on January 6), and has brought back some screenshots of the app's OS X trappings. You can see the app's icon already, and the app will have a login screen very similar to what you already use in...

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Release of Apple's 27" LED Cinema Display appears to be imminent

If you're holding out for Apple's new 27" LED Cinema Display, the wait might not be all that much longer. Back in July, the 27" model was announced with a September release date. Being that it's mid September, folks have been getting a little anxious with no sign of the new model, until now. 9to5...

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Analysis: U.S. pre-orders for Wi-Fi iPad likely to begin this week

If you're ready to buy that Wi-Fi iPad, then get your credit card out of your wallet and start practicing your fastest clicking and typing techniques. According to a rumor on iPad / iPhone site AppAdvice, a "reliable source" has told them that Apple will begin pre-sales of the Wi-Fi iPad as soon as ...

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Rumors abound, Apple working on media server?

Just when we thought we were done with rumors for the day, another one pops up. 9to5 Mac is reporting that Apple could be working on a media server that might rival HP's MediaSmart Server. They suggest the server will be similar to a Time Capsule, only with more functionality. According to 9to5, th...

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