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How old is your oldest working Mac?

A few months ago I brought my family's old Macintosh SE/30 to my home office. While it booted fine a few years ago, it looks like mine has developed SimasiMac, which means a trip inside the machine to replace a few capacitors (I hope). Along with the SE/30 I brought a Powerbook 540c, one of the more...

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Rig of the Day: Bookshelf Macs

Today's rig shot features a MacPlus, SE, SE/30, and a Classic adorning a bookshelf. I have to say the look nice up there. I may have a to add a couple to the bookshelf in my own office. I just really like the look of these compact Macs. "Old Macs put to good use" posted by targuman2002 Fo...

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Mac mini inside Classic Mac Update

Our own Dave Caolo Damien Barrett posted about a Mac mini stuffed into a Classic Mac SE/30's case last week, and a few new how-to's for this mod have since showed up. I especially like the black "Mac Minitosh" version by Lee on http://destruc.tv found today by Eliot on hack a day. This bla...

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