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Rig of the Day: Bookshelf Macs

Today's rig shot features a MacPlus, SE, SE/30, and a Classic adorning a bookshelf. I have to say the look nice up there. I may have a to add a couple to the bookshelf in my own office. I just really like the look of these compact Macs. "Old Macs put to good use" posted by targuman2002 Fo...

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Rig of the Day: Vintage collection

Flickr user brrm (I really like that user name for some reason) shows off his great collection of vintage Apple hardware. Check out the great Lisa II (in very nice condition), his collection of Powerbooks (180, 180c, 520c, 190, 100, 2400/180c, Pismo and 15" G4) doing the wave, Newton 2000 (wit...

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Spy pics of Dave's basement?

In our last podcast Dave mentioned that his basement was overflowing with vintage Macs. I imagine it looks something like this, which claims to be the largest collection of Compact Macs in Belgium. Who am I to argue with that?[via LinkMachineGo]...

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