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Beyond Swift: visit Apple's official blogs of yesteryear

The introduction of Apple's programming language Swift at WWDC represents a departure from tradition in several ways. If an entirely new coding dialect wasn't enough, last week the company also launched a blog specifically focused on Swift. The new blog is aimed at developers working to adopt Swift,...

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World Backup Day: Ad-hoc backups to the cloud & more giveaways

Happy World Backup Day! The only safe way forward is to back up; that's why we've joined the cause for data saving with tips, techniques and giveaways all day today. As Steve mentioned earlier today, there are lots of cloud-based backup services eager to help you protect your data while solving ...

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Solved: The case of the missing .Mac widgets

Back in April of 2005, Apple released the much-awaited Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" OS. One of the big new features of Tiger was Dashboard. The overlay feature supported Widgets, mini-apps that were the descendants of Mac OS 9 Desk Accessories, and that some might consider the precursors to modern iOS a...

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Some things we may not see again from Apple

Conan O'Brien once had a recurring segment on Late Night called "Guests We Won't Have Back," during which he would look back at guests (who were fake) that he regretted having on the show. There was bug expert Sara Wiggins, who ate a live beetle in front of the camera. And there was wine expert Cha...

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Learn how to draw a Mac network node sphere with this tutorial

If you've always wondered how to draw a "ball of nodes" as featured in a variety of Mac OS X icons, wonder no more: Mike Rundle of has written a tutorial to show you how using Photoshop. Rundle discusses "spheric realism," the process of understanding the materials, reflectivity, and ro...

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MobileMe silently filtering email to

According to Mac OS X Hints, if you're trying to send an email to someone with a email address with your MobileMe account, chances are the message will never arrive, and you won't be notified. What's worse, apparently if you're sending the message to a distribution list, and only one of ...

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Mac 101: Dealing without iCards

Apple has posted a nifty tip for Mail users who miss the discontinued iCards feature from .Mac: You can use Mail stationery to create an attractive card-like message with your own photos. In a post on the Mobile Me blog (hey, it's not dead!), Apple says "'s like the old Make Your Own iCards fe...

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MobileMe: A First look

We've all awaited the .Mac to MobileMe switch for a while now (some more than others). However, Apple's 6 hour time table for upgrading to MobileMe turned awry and led into an almost 24 hour up, down, up, up, down cycle. If you're like most users experiencing the 24 outage, then you haven't been abl...

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MobileMe launch pushed back two hours

Yesterday, we noticed that the .Mac status page listed a MobileMe launch date and time of July 9th between 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. PT. Tonight, there seems to have been a change. As of this writing, the .Mac status page says, "MobileMe Launch: 7/9/2008, 8pm-2am PT -- As part of the MobileMe launch, ww...

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Saying "goodbye" to .Mac

Tonight, we will all say "goodbye" to .Mac, a service that has been a small part of Apple for almost 8 years. iTools, .Mac's predecessor, was launched on January 5, 2000 at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco and was a free service that included a HomePage, iCards and the much coveted e-mail...

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Apple, Amazon offer boxed versions of MobileMe

Early Tuesday morning, Apple started offering boxed versions of the much awaited MobileMe web service. While buying from Apple costs $99 for the boxed version, Amazon is offering MobileMe for $89.99 (US). According to Amazon, MobileMe has been on sale since "July 1, 2008," however, they also say "T...

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MobileMe launch date set: July 9th at 6 p.m. PT

Apple has just updated the .Mac status page with the date/time of the .Mac to MobileMe switch. So, for those of you wondering when Apple might start the switch will not have to wonder any longer. July 9th from 6 p.m. until 12 a.m. PT is the scheduled date and time. Apple says that during the switch,...

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MobileMe and personal domains

According to Apple Support documents, personal domains will be kept intact with MobileMe. Blogger Sean Sperte noticed a "personal domain" option while watching the MobileMe quick tour. That prompted some investigation which led to this support document. Sure enough, it confirms that .Mac personal do...

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.Mac is down: Gather your children! Into the cellar!

.Mac web services were "temporarily unavailable" for a time this morning, and things are still a little shaky. No explanation was given for the outage. Mail was working when tested, but iDisk access through afp:// still appears to be shut off (at 10:50 a.m. ET). Homepages and access to iDisk publi...

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UI changes in the MobileMe Guided Tour

Part of the fun of watching the Guided Tour videos that Apple has been producing lately is obsessing over every minor detail. With that in mind, we've gone over the MobileMe Guided Tour with a fine-toothed comb. Here's what we found. ...

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