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FaceTime now in the Mac App Store, 720p video calling

Along with the launch of its new MacBook Pros, which include FaceTime HD cameras, Apple has released an updated version of its FaceTime application. The new FaceTime for Mac lets you send and receive 720p HD video calls on supported Intel Macs. The standard iSight cameras on previous Mac hardwa...

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Poll: Do you think FaceTime for Mac will be released next week?

One of our readers, Adam, asked a very interesting question earlier today: Do you think that FaceTime for Mac will come out of beta and be released on the Mac App Store on Jan. 6th? It would seem to be a given that Apple will release it through the App Store at some point, and January should have b...

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Facelette brings random chat to FaceTime for Mac

Sometimes it's very easy to predict the future. Just as the day follows the night and the sniffles follow ragweed pollen, we can confidently say that within a short time there will be incidents of unwanted exposure on Facelette, followed by urgent cries to protect the innocent, and likely as not the...

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