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Every "Get A Mac" ad in chronological order

You'll remember the long-running Get A Mac TV ads that had Justin Long and John Hodgman playing a personified Mac and PC, respectively. John, as "PC," often had troubles that didn't affect his friend Mac. Despite this, their friendship remained intact. So did the campaign. By the time the campai...

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Video tribute to the Get a Mac ad campaign

Last month we reported that Justin Long, who plays Mac in the Get a Mac ads, hinted that the advertising campaign had come to an end. Now it seems confirmed; the ads, first broadcast in 2006, can't even be found on the Apple page. Instead, the usual link now takes you to a page explaining the rea...

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PC tells Mac -- "Get a Mac" ads might be done

Justin Long, who plays Mac in the Get a Mac ads, has told The Onion's A.V. Club that he believes the Get a Mac ad campaign has come to an end. When The Onion asked Justin what the status was on the Apple ads, he replied, "You know, I think they might be done. In fact, I heard from John, I think t...

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Every "Get a Mac" ad in one place

It's hard to believe that Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign is already 4 years old. Since its introduction, the campaign has invited both parody and serious responses from competitors. Plus, poor* John Hodgman and Justin Long can't walk out the door without someone calling them either "Mac" or "PC." ...

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Adweek Media's Campaign of the Decade: Apple's Get a Mac ads

As Apple fans, we've loved Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign. With Justin Long as the cool, laid-back Mac and John Hodgman starring as the stodgy, uptight PC, the ads have managed to make us laugh since they first appeared in 2006. The campaign has spawned the "I'm a PC" response ads from Microsoft, ...

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New Apple Switcher-Cam ad will take over online media

The newest Get A Mac, ad from Apple will take over the front page of a number of sites this month. Created by TBW\Media Arts Lab, the ad takes over the page as PC chases switchers through various switcher-cam displays. Thanks to Ivan for sending it in, and Ads of the World for hosting i...

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Three new "Get a Mac" ads premiere, aimed at Win 7

Domestic TV watchers who tuned into the NBC Thursday comedy lineup or the Yankees-Angels playoff game on Fox were treated to three new Get a Mac ads in heavy rotation tonight, all focused on the launch of the latest Windows version. You can watch all three ads (Broken Promises, Teeter Tottering &am...

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Apple shows new Get a Mac ad tonight: "PC Innovation Lab"

One of our readers was watching TV tonight and spotted this ad during a commercial break. Lo' and behold, It was up on Apple's website about 2.5 hours later. It basically suggests ridiculous "innovations" that PC thinks will help bring people back to the world of Windows. Mac goes on to suggest tha...

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Apple airs two new Get a Mac ads: "Surprise" and "Top of the Line"

With all of the other Apple news surrounding Snow Leopard yesterday, Apple starting airing two new "Get a Mac" ads last night on TV and has also posted them on the company website. The first ad, "Surprise," shows a woman talking to Mac; she wants to purchase a "great computer", but Mac seems to...

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New Get a Mac ads: PC Choice Chat, Elimination, Customer Care

During tonight's American Idol performances, people not only got to see their top-three performers in action, but also got a chance to view a three new Get a Mac ads. In the first one, Customer Care, PC tells his story of technical support to an Apple Genius while Mac looks on. There are two other...

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New Get a Mac ads after "Laptop Hunters"

Tonight Apple released four new Get a Mac ads that feature the same, and ever so lovable, PC and Mac characters. In the first new ad, "Time Traveler," PC travels into the future to see if PCs still crash. In the ad called "Stacks," PC is shuffling through thousands of photos to find the one he is ...

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New "Get a Mac" ad: Bake Sale

Continuing with their recent bashing of Vista, Apple has released yet another "Get a Mac" ad. In Bake Sale [direct video link], PC is selling bake goods to raise money in order to "fix Vista." Mac asks why, and PC goes on to explain that the marketing team decided to run an "expensive ad campaign i...

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New Get a Mac Ads: Bean Counter and V Word

With all of the political mudslinging going around this time of year, Apple has decided to add a different type of mudslinging to the barrage of TV commercials. Tonight, they released two new "Get a Mac" ads: Bean Counter, and V Word. In Bean Counter [direct video link], PC is sitting at a desk, ...

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Analysis: Microsoft offers "I'm a PC" retort that falls flat

After canning Seinfeld, Microsoft is now starting stage two (planned all along, they say) of their campaign with a new series of I'm a PC ads by the Crispin, Porter + Bogusky ad agency. As is clear from the John Hodgman look-alike at the start of the ads, they're supposed to be a direct response t...

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New "Get a Mac" web ad

You'd think the "Get a Mac" series of ads would be played out by now. But you'd be wrong. They're still funny, snide and -- if sales figures are any indication -- effective. This week, Apple launched another clever web ad featuring Mac and PC. This time, PC has written an Op-Ed piece describing wh...

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