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Solaris on an Intel iMac

The OSes just keep on coming! The latest non-Apple OS to boot on an Intel Mac, thanks to Boot Camp, is Solaris. That's right, a Sun engineer managed to get a build of Solaris up and running on his Intel iMac. It isn't fully functional yet, but I have no doubt that it will be soon. Macs are fast beco...

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Extended desktop for iMac G5's

This is a long shot, I know, but I just have to write about it. As we all know the new Intel based iMacs support monitor spanning (so you can extend your desktop across two monitors) as opposed to video mirroring only as the line of iMac G5's did. The latest iMac G5 and the new Intel iMacs have almo...

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Cracking open a new Intel iMac

Hopefully, I'll have my hands on a new iMac later today, so that I can weigh in with a little video review of the new computer, but thank the Woz that the Japanese beat me to tearing open the new iMac! Now, I can simply direct your eager eyes over to this site, so that you can peep into the new iMac...

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