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Find my iPhone: How to set it up

With all the excitement about iPhone version 3.0, there isn't a lot of help on how to set up one of the most unique features of the upgrade, Find my iPhone. If you're having trouble, here are the steps. First, the service has to be turned on. You do that in your iPhone settings. Under email accounts...

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iPhone OS 3.0 walkthrough

It's official: The iPhone 3.0 firmware is now available. As you wait for your copy to download and install, you'll need something to read -- and we've got a complete walkthrough of the new software. Join us as we take you through most of the new features and how to use them. Push Notifications Th...

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Open thread: iPhone 3.0 upgrade experiences

Something's coming... Since having 100,000 people download a software update is just about as exciting as can be, we're opening up a liveblog in the 2nd half of this post to let you ask questions, share observations and generally get your 3.0 on. The TUAW bloggers will be passing through the chat du...

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WWDC Quick/Cut: Dave Teare of Agile Web Solutions on 1Password

We, of course, had lunch with our favorite Canadian developers at WWDC. Talking with Dave, Roustem and the rest of the crew from Agile Web Solutions is something I look forward to anytime we're all in San Francisco. I didn't film the whole lunch; being filmed eating is almost as awkward as eating al...

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Timezone confusion baffles eager 3.0 downloaders

We're not innocent of error, and on occasion we create our own dramatic bits of fail, but in this case we can help clarify things: If you are visiting an "official Apple site" that shows a release date of June 18 for the iPhone 3.0 software update, take a closer look at that URL before you start jum...

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Apple invites iPhone devs to test AIM/push notification

We're getting tips from multiple sources that Apple has invited a group of iPhone developers to test drive AOL's updated Instant Messenger app for the iPhone -- complete with push notification -- in an effort to see how Apple's servers will handle the traffic. The invitation included the following: ...

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Turn by turn navigation coming with TomTom for iPhone

It's been a gap in the functionality of the GPS-enabled iPhone 3G for months, and one that was promised for the 3.0 software update (even though third parties have been trying to get it working for a while now): turn-by-turn navigation. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel has been conclusive...

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iPhone 3.0 Friday roundup

Tuesday's iPhone OS 3.0 announcement has left the interwebs even more iPhone-obsessed than usual. If you find digging through all this information overwhelming (or, if like me you were out of town when OS 3.0 was announced), check out this round-up of news, opinions and videos. The only thing missin...

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Dept. of "That Was Awfully Quick": eager devs enable tethering on iPhone 3.0

Update: We've heard from two separate developers (Ari Weinstein and Jake Marsh) that they've put together quick and easy methods for enabling tethering on 3.0 iPhones (an all-in-one tool and a full user guide, respectively). Check out the links for details. When something so appealing as the possibi...

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iPhone Dev Center is back, get your beta now

Just as developers around the world are hearing about the new iPhone features, Apple has updated their Dev Center. With the new site, existing developers will get immediate access to the new iPhone 3.0 SDK. That is if you are able to login. Currently the Dev Center is experiencing extremely slow l...

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iPhone 3.0 feature roundup

If you've been listening to all the clamoring on Twitter, or perhaps have seen the updated Apple page, then you know there was an iPhone event today to discuss a new version of the iPhone OS, version 3.0. While you will have to wait until the summer to get the new version (unless you join the develo...

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Found Footage: Kevin Rose on iPhone 3.0 features

Here's a short video from SXSW with DiggNation hosts Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose, where Rose goes through a laundry list of iPhone 3.0 features that will allegedly be announced tomorrow during the Apple Press Event. This video sounds rather alcohol-fueled -- at least it appears that the audienc...

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