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Steve Jobs responds on iPhone SDK's new Section 3.3.1

The release of the iPhone 4.0 SDK to developers included, in the accompanying agreement, Apple's new mandate that apps must be written in C/C++/Objective-C. This seems to block the use of alternative development environments for iPhone apps, such as the upcoming Flash CS5. As criticism of this co...

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iPhone OS 4.0 Secrets: Faces and more in Photos app

Looks like the iPhone OS 4.0 update will bring ever more Desktop-class features into the mobile sphere. An anonymous TUAW tipster has sent in the following photos, showing several new features in action. These include Faces for iPhone, e-mail resizing options, and a kick-ass assets editor that...

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iPhone OS 4.0: iBooks for iPhone

While we don't have a lot of detail on this tidbit from today's Apple event, we do know for sure that iBooks, the ebook reader software now available on the iPad platform, will be coming to the iPhone platform with iPhone OS 4.0 this summer. There was also a hint, but no definitive statement from St...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Apple announces Game Center, a social gaming network for the iPhone

This is huge -- Apple has announced Game Center, an official social gaming network for the iPhone, coming to the device along with OS 4.0 this summer. So far, there have been a few social networks vying for an audience in the form of OpenFeint and Ngmoco's Plus+ system, but Apple's going official, ...

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iPhone OS 4.0: Folders help organize your apps

It's been one of the aggravation points since the App Store first launched and we began accumulating all these magnificent toys: how the heck do you manage 11 screens full of icons scattered all hither and yon? iTunes 9 gave us some control, but lacking an organizing principle things continued to be...

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iPhone 4.0 event coming April 8

Hey kids, remember the iPhone? Emerging from the shadows of the iPad release is a press invitation from Apple to participate in an iPhone 4.0 event on April 8 -- three days away. Other than the collective Internet gasp of shock, there's little known about what the event will bring other than the pre...

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Rumor: Bing to be default search engine in iPhone OS 4.0?

One of the most surprising things about the next iPhone OS could be the default search engine. BusinessWeek is reporting that Apple is in talks with Microsoft to have Bing replace Google as the default search engine. It's becoming increasingly clear that Apple's main rival is not Microsoft, but G...

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Boy Genius: Multitasking, new interface in iPhone 4.0

The folks at Boy Genius Report (BGR) have been speaking with a little birdie from Cupertino again, and this time it's allegedly spilled details on iPhone 4.0. If the source is to be believed, this update will bring multitasking and a new interface. First, there will be "A few new ways" to run app...

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