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Found: The iPhone prototype finder

Wired has located and interviewed the man who "found" Apple's lost prototype iPhone in a Redwood City bar: 21-year-old Brian Hogan. With a statement from his attorney, Hogan has shed a great deal of light on the ongoing saga of Gizmodo's premature unveiling of Apple's next-gen iPhone. The story, as ...

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The Gizmodo iPhone saga flowchart

Fast Company has come up with an awesome Gizmodo iPhone Saga flowchart to help us follow the increasingly confusing case. The flowchart allows users to pick what they believe to be the true facts, and it lets them follow the trail to its "obvious" conclusion. Possible outcomes include: it was all...

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Lufthansa offers engineer who lost 4G iPhone free ticket to Germany

Nicola Lange, Lufthansa's director of marketing and customer relations for the Americas, has posted a letter on his Twitter account to Gray Powell, the Apple engineer who lost the 4G iPhone prototype in a German beer hall in Redwood City, offering complimentary Business Class tickets to Munich. "...

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