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Distraction reduction for your Mac

Ah, the holidays: a time for reflection, relaxation, and finally getting your GTD feng shui into proper order. Who better to give you some leverage over the incredible source of distractions and detours that is your Mac than Merlin Mann? The 43Folders productivity guru gets focused with Leo Laporte ...

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Get that distraction-free, uncluttered desktop with latest MacBreak

It seems there are two slowly diverging schools of thought in terms of working on a Mac: to multi-task, or not to. While an independent (though Apple-commissioned) study has been released supporting the increased productivity theory via larger displays and more stuff on-screen at once, not everyone ...

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MacBreak hits stride

We've written about MacBreak before, the Mac video podcast by Leo Laporte and friends, however, they weren't being updated regularly. Well, it looks like the stars have aligned because there has been a flurry of activity over at MacBreak. This is a good time to check MacBreak out and see what they h...

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MacBreak on video compression with Quicktime

The second episode (iTunes link) of MacBreak has been unleashed to upon an unsuspecting world. This episode covers using Quicktime to compress video. Join Alex Lindsay and Emery Wells (who looks like he might want to harm someone in the screen grab I did) and discover the joys, and the power, of Qui...

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New MacBreak podcast from Leo and friends

Yet another vidcast (and site) from Leo and friends has launched in the iTMS by the name of MacBreak (iTMS link). Its inaugural episode stars Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Amber MacArthur and a new face in the Leo party: Emery Wells. This first episode is roughly 30 minutes of video coverage from the M...

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