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Blast from the Past: Original Macintosh manual

Here's a nice find. Peter Merholz recently got ahold of an original Mac User Manual from 1984 and has posted a bunch of pics along with commentary. The most interesting thing, of course, is seeing them trying to explain basic computing GUI concepts like click-and-drag and scrolling that we take so ...

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The Mac collector

When we first got tipped this story (by RP-- thanks!), I was like "Oh boy, another guy who found a Newton on eBay and calls himself a Mac collector." But no, this guy is the real deal. He's got 100 Macs in his basement, including 30 Mac Classics and 18 original iMacs, as well as both a Lisa and a ...

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Chocolate covered Mac Classic

You've heard of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - well here's Freddie and the Chocolate Factory. Freddie is a food stylist and photographer who used to be a chef and he has a passion for all things chocolate. And I mean literally all things. He has a knack for freezing ordinary objects and coatin...

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Found Footage: a Mac Classic booting

The Mac Classic was an early 90's 'budget' Mac running System 6 (check out Low End Mac's history and profile of this model), and I've personally never seem one in action. Since pictures are worth only so many words, I thought I'd post a YouTube video I stumbled across of a Classic starting up. The...

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Spy pics of Dave's basement?

In our last podcast Dave mentioned that his basement was overflowing with vintage Macs. I imagine it looks something like this, which claims to be the largest collection of Compact Macs in Belgium. Who am I to argue with that?[via LinkMachineGo]...

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