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Intel CEO: 'Simplistic' Apple TV is for 'mom'

With the recent announcement of Apple's new, improved Apple TV, there's been a lot of talk as to whether it will meet consumers' demands and expectations, not to mention how it will fare following the arrival of Google's competing TV device. According to Electronista, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said...

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'Fake Steve' chides CNBC's Goldman in source foofaraw

Dan Lyons, who once wrote the "Fake Steve Jobs" blog, criticized Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman for withholding information from sources inside Apple about Steve Jobs' health. The sparks fly in this video around the 3:30 mark. Lyons, on CNBC Reports, said Goldman had become the kind of re...

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iPhone browser share doubled since 3G launch

According to HitsLink, the people who track web usage statistics, iPhone users account for about a third of one percent of web browsers on the Internet, the largest of any mobile platform. iPhone ranks fourth overall in terms of operating system market share, behind Windows, Mac, and Linux. On Augus...

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Say hello to a 25ft tall iPod

No, Apple hasn't released an iPod designed exclusively for giants: an Ohio-based company that runs a local entertainment magazine and website has created a functioning, 25ft tall iPod shaped billboard. The gigantic iPod, which is based on the design of the 5th generation iPod, is set up to play musi...

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