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VersionTracker.com officially 'absorbed' by CNET

Have you been to VersionTracker.com lately? If you try today, you'll be redirected to the CNET site, where you'll get a brief explanation that the venerable VersionTracker site is now a branded part of the CNET empire. VersionTracker Pro, a paid feature, will be discontinued after the current sub...

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Fixing broken iTunes Automator workflows in iTunes 10

If you depend on Automator workflows for managing music or other tasks in iTunes, the upgrade to version 10 may have come as a bit of a cold shock. Macworld pointed out that most available workflows for iTunes simply would not load with iTunes 10; a frustrating circumstance, to be sure. Fortunate...

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10.6.3 update hiccups and workarounds

Although it's been relatively quiet in the mailbox over the past 48 hours with regard to Mac OS X 10.6.3 issues and outcomes (probably because everyone is too busy refreshing their delivery status), every OS update comes with a few problems. In this case, the reports we've gotten include the usual m...

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Reports of startup issues after 2009-001 Security Update

Over the weekend, the mailbag caught a few notes of problems starting up once Leopard users had applied the 2009-001 Security Update (thanks @danielbru), and on Friday the spotty issue was noted by MacFixIt as well. Affected users report a variety of symptoms: the dreaded 'boot disk not found,' a 20...

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Troubleshooting Security Update 2007-004

MacFixit posted a special report about troubleshooting Apple's latest security update. It includes discussions of Active Directory login issues, FTP security issues, AirPort connectivity issues, and more. If you're curious about recently reported problems and possible fixes, you need to pop on over...

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VersionTracker and MacFixIt launch MacIntel resource sites

VersionTracker and MacFixIt have launched new MacIntel resource sites. The sites offer similar info, but are organized slightly differently. VersionTracker's Mac Resource Center has a growing list of MacIntel compatible software, along with MacIntel troubleshooting tips and news items. MacFixit's si...

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