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Auto-Save Microsoft Word with Keyboard Maestro

In Mac Power Users Episode 187, David Sparks and Katie Floyd talked about word processing apps, which meant talking a great deal about Microsoft Word, as well as Pages and others. Around the 38m40s mark, Katie mentioned that she uses Word a lot in her day job, and has a lot of issues with the app ...

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Launch your favorite apps as needed with Keyboard Maestro

On Mac Power Users 181, I mentioned that I have a keyboard shortcut for OmniFocus' "Quick Entry" which works even if OmniFocus isn't running. Tom Siko asked if I'd be willing to share it, so here it is. Even if you don't use OmniFocus, this idea can be re-used for any application that you run via...

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Toggle JavaScript in Safari with Keyboard Maestro

I was very pleased to be a guest on Mac Power Users Episode #181. We had a great conversation about all things automation on the Mac, but Katie and David both seemed to like one Keyboard Maestro macro in particular. Three years ago, I wrote about how to Quickly enable or disable JavaScript in Safar...

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