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Analyst: Apple sold 1.1 million MacBook Airs in 2010

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities predicts that Apple sold an impressive 1.1 million MacBook Air units in the last few months of 2010. Kuo originally predicted sales of 700,000 units but bumped up his estimate after receiving new information from Asian supply chain sources. The secon...

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11-inch MacBook Air review: Tiny awesomeness

Those TUAW readers who watched TUAW TV Live last Wednesday afternoon were treated to a live unboxing when an 11-inch MacBook Air arrived at my office. The Air was a replacement for a MacBook that I sold to a client, and since I had previously owned (and loved) one of the original MacBook Airs, I dec...

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Four Apple products in TIME's Top 10 Gadgets list

It's December, which means that print and digital magazines are gearing up to write their lists of the "Top 10" in a thousand different categories. TIME, the magazine that seemingly started this end-of-year tradition, has gone crazy this year, with their web site listing 50 top 10 lists. Fortunatel...

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Toshiba introduces MacBook Air-type solid-state drives

One of the key elements that allowed Apple to make the new MacBook Air so slim was the elimination of traditional drive packaging for the solid-state drive (SSD). Rather than installing the flash memory in a case that could be installed in place of a spinning drive, the SSD looks like an old-scho...

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TechRestore takes some of the gloss off of new MacBook Air with matte screen option

While there is generally no arguing with the aesthetic qualities of products that come from Apple, that beauty does sometimes come at the expense of functionality. A case in point is the unfortunate trend to glossy screens on Apple's portable computing devices. If all you do is gaze at your MacB...

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Rumor: New 11.6 inch MacBook Air on tap for this fall

Another new device rumor has popped up, this time about a replacement for the MacBook Air. Apparently, the "old" MacBook Air isn't selling too well, so Apple is looking at refreshing the line with a smaller device equipped with an 11.6" (measured diagonally) screen. A device of this size is begin...

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