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Adobe releases Contribute 4

Giving the WYSIWYG web publisher its first major update since Macromedia was devoured acquired, Adobe today released Contribute 4, with lots of new bells and whistles including blogging tools and enhanced rich media support. Unfortunately, what it includes may be overshadowed by what it lacks: nativ...

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Adobe sets us straight: GoLive and Freehand are not going anywhere (yet)

Remember that post we had yesterday (ok, fine: I wrote it) that Adobe was giving pink slips to GoLive and Freehand? As it turns out, that might not exactly have been true. Macworld reported last night that a true-blue Adobe rep laid it out on the table: "Adobe plans to continue to support GoLive and...

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Run ColdFusion on your Mac

ColdFusion MX 7 is Macromedia's (now Adobe's) powerful server side programming language. It is easy to pick up and allows for rapid development and deployment of web applications, and best of all for us Mac users it written entirely in Java.So what you ask? Well, that means that you can run a develo...

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