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Dog Days of Summer: Zandra, hard at iWork

It's summertime, which means that weekend TUAW readers get a respite from Caturday and get to see what the canine Apple community is up to. Our first woofer is Zandra, a hard-working guide dog who hangs out with Alex Jurgensen up in Vancouver, BC. Zandra's all decked out in an iWork jacket, not on...

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Macworld lists six rare Macs

Benj Edwards of Macworld takes a walk down memory lane and lists six obscure Mac computers that saw limited production runs. All the unusual machines were produced in 1990s and include the JLPGA PowerBook 170, the Color Classic II, the Macintosh TV, Power Macintosh G3 All-in-One, Twentieth Anni...

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Forrester does a 180 on Macs in enterprise, finds most productive staffers are Mac users

I'll bet a lot of us have fought the Mac wars in our own companies. I won some, I lost some, so it's especially gratifying to see Forrester Research urging IT to get over itself and enthusiastically support Macs in the enterprise. A new report from the research company, authored by senior analy...

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British broadcaster ITV makes the move to Mac

Another major company has made the switch to the Mac. This time it's British broadcaster ITV, which is currently in the middle of a five-year technology transition. The company will switch out its employees' PCs with Macs and include Google Apps in the deal, installing Google's software on hard...

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Apple Experience Center at Peking University riles students

Apple has constructed a promotional study center at Peking University, dubbed the Apple Experience Center. It's nice, with a glass enclosure and many Macs. Unfortunately for Apple, several university students are not happy about it. The center occupies a third-floor, former study area in the sch...

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NPD suggests Apple had another record Mac quarter

A new report from NPD says that Apple has probably done it again, racking up yet another quarter of record Mac sales. NPD puts the number of Macs sold at 4.2 million, which would be a year-over-year gain of 12%, and make for the best record Apple's Mac sales have ever had. US Mac sales in g...

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Apple may freeze new Mac releases until Lion ships

Apple is rumored to be halting any new Mac releases until Lion ships in July, according to a report heard by AppleInsider. Sources for that site say that Apple management is so excited about the improvements and user experience Lion offers, they don't want to ship any new Macs until Lion is fin...

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Windows Phone 7 will sync 'select content' with Macs

Honestly, I haven't been super impressed with anything I've seen coming out of all of the Windows Phone 7 hoopla this week. Sure, the phones look pretty and all, and yes, it's a huge upgrade for Windows Mobile users, but it still seems to me like Microsoft is just trying to match the iPhone rather ...

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Apple to stream video of tomorrow's live event

It looks like Apple has decided that it's finally time to let the public in on their press events -- the company will be streaming live footage from the event tomorrow on its website. Traditionally, the company has depended on third parties (like, ahem, us -- we'll still be metaliveblogging the eve...

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New Macs, something else tomorrow?

Engadget is the latest to report a rumor that's been circulating for months: tomorrow may be the day that we finally see those new Macs we've been waiting on. John Gruber claims we're going to see new MacBooks and iMacs (which we'll rate as "expected"), updated Mac minis (wouldn't be a huge surpris...

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The mighty mini

While the iPhone, iPod and laptops get most of the glory, the Mac mini chugs quietly along, doing its job well and making owners happy. Earlier at my day job, I was working with one of our minis and recognized how I rely on it to perform a critical function without the slightest hesitation. In other...

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Full text from "Legal Copy" ad isn't quite PC-specific

You've probably seen all of the new Get a Mac ads we posted about on Sunday, and if you haven't yet, go ahead and watch them now. We'll wait. Just let us know when you're back, we'll be playing a little Zen Bound. Done? If you saw the Legal Copy ad, you know that's the one where as PC makes crazy an...

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Original Mac appears in Season 2 of "Chuck"

If you downloaded the freebie episode of the week from iTunes, then chances are you saw some vintage Apple hardware. That's because episode 1 of Chuck's second season features one of the original Macs in it. It's kinda funny that they're supposed to be building a new system to take over Chuck's jo...

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SSHing via Apple Remote Desktop with AppleScript

Scott posted yesterday on a new series about SSH coming to Apple Matters. If you want to skip the learning and go straight to the Secure Shell-ing, then why not take a look at this recent post by John Welch. In this post, he describes how to set up a simple AppleScript that uses Apple Remote Desktop...

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NYC Dept. of Education suspends Mac orders pending wireless issue fix

Apple Insider is reporting that the New York City Department of Education has put all shipments of Macs to schools on complete hold while they're apparently waiting for Apple to fix a Wifi connectivity issue with OS X (which should be fixed with the 10.5.3 update). And Apple is apparently scrambling...

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