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A look back at Macworld 2006 - a TUAW gallery

Remember Macworld 2006? Boy, I sure do. It was my first trip to any Macworld, my first trip to San Francisco, and my first spectacular failure as a TUAW correspondent. This year it's going to be a little different. Not only does TUAW have a crew in effect for MWSF 2007, who will be bringing you tota...

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Microsoft promises 5 years of Office development

During today's keynote, Jobs brought a Microsoft rep up on stage who announced a promise to develop Office for OS X for another five years (make of that what you will). They also announced that a new version of Office as a universal binary will be available later this Spring (March I believe), and t...

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Macworld 06 keynote available for streaming

Today's Macworld 06 keynote is now available for streaming from Apple's QuickTime site. From reports from our bloggers on the scene, I believe it clocked in around an hour and a half. Jobs unleashed a lot of goodies this time around, so it should make for good viewing. I know that a few commercials ...

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