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Tag: Macworld08

Tour all of Macworld 2008 in less than five minutes

Two weeks ago the world was a-twitter with speculation as to what in the world Apple meant by "Something is in the Air." Of course, if you tuned in to our talkcast, you heard a pretty good tip on that score, but the next day El Steve-O dropped a shiny-new, paper-thin, slightly-underpowered (dependi...

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130 Great photos from Macworld and 2 ugly ones

If you've got the time, we've got the pixels. Relive the glory of Macworld 2008 even if you weren't there with our 132 pictures from the show, featuring: Pics from the Ars Technica/Gizmodo party Pics of the Modbook Lots of show-floor pics featuring tons of vendors A shot of team TUAW in ...

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How much wood would a woodchuck chuck to make a bunch of press kits?

In the press room at Macworld there was a little foyer with alphabetized buckets where you could pick up press kits from the various vendors. This is an exercise in wastefulness, as many of the press kits are glossy folders filled with photocopies and CD's. Now, I realize the coordination required...

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Show floor video: Webex lets you collaborate across platforms

So let's say you've got a Panther machine on your DSL connection with a firewall, and another computer across town running Windows 98 on a dual-ISDN connection, but you really need to control the Mac from the PC. No dice, right? According to Webex, this might just be possible,* although your experie...

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Show floor video: BusySync

BusyMac had a good thing going with BusySync 1 and 1.5: seamlessly share and edit calendar info across your home or business LAN using iCal. Version 2 (due next month) features sync via the cloud-- so you can sync a work and home computer, even if you don't work at home. There's also Google Calenda...

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Show floor video: Rogue Amoeba moves to the beat

We stopped by Rogue Amoeba's booth last week and chatted with Paul Kafasis, CEO and big amoeba on campus, about all of their apps. Paul was kind enough to give us a quick demo of Airfoil 3 (I loves me some Airfoil Speakers) and Fission. Check out the full interview after the jump....

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Quick video of Plasq's Magiq

Click To Play It's no big secret we love the funky look and wonderfully simple apps that come from the Plasq team. And there's no denying that Comic Life was a big hit for them. To follow that act they've been working on Comic Life Magiq, which we only had ...

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Show floor video: Netgear ReadyNAS stores and plays it all

Netgear's ReadyNAS is a NAS, yes, but it comes pre-configured with an iTunes server, bittorent, wireless disk and printer support and more. Quite the plug-and-play darling, Netgear was kind enough to create some Mac-friendly tools to manage the thing (it's got a Widget!). You can configure the thing...

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EXCLUSIVE: TUAW Hands-on with the Zeiss Cinemizer, 3D goggles for your iPod

There have been plenty of attempts at LCD glasses, iPod goggles, 3D eyewear, and even a hacked iPod cyborg model, but the Zeiss Cinemizer is a little different. First of all, if the name Zeiss looks familiar, it should be. That's Carl Zeiss, one of the most respected names in optics. The Cinemizer,...

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Ambrosia Macworld swag giveaway

We're kicking off a few weeks of giveaways with a little bit of Macworld swag from Ambrosia Software. If you didn't attend Macworld, now's your chance to pretend you stopped by the Ambrosia booth anyway (for the full experience be sure to watch our interview with founder Andrew Welch too). What's in...

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Show floor video: El Gato HD hardware and EyeTV 3

While we wait for Apple to cram a TV tuner or cable card into the Apple TV (don't hold your breath-- seriously), El Gato continues to pump out some nice hardware/software tools for watching the tube on your Mac. One thing that caught my eye: you can start distributing recorded live video around your...

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New York Times Macworld gadget slideshow

I always have a hard time letting Macworld go. When the last day of Expo rolls around it sort of feels like you're graduating from college and moving away from all your friends. There are some heartfelt goodbyes, promises to stay in touch, and a cap or two are hurled into the air. That's why I'll ta...

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Show floor video: Ambrosia Software talks apps and games

Mike spoke to Ambrosia Software founder Andrew Welch about their newest app, WireTap Studio. Andrew gave us a few clues as to what to expect in the next version of Snapz Pro, and had a little criticism for Apple regarding games on the Mac. Also available on: YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, ...

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Macworld video: TUAW looks at Microsoft Office 2008

If you do any work in Office you've probably been waiting for the latest update for a couple of years now. Especially if you're on an Intel machine or have struggled with Entourage's funky interface (or is that just me?). Last week Microsoft released Office 2008 for the Mac, and it's a doozy of an ...

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Show floor video: Screensteps makes documenting easier

Do you make documentation? Do you constantly find yourself having to explain step-by-step procedures to do things on the Mac? BlueMango Learning Systems has been doing this stuff for a while, and the tedium eventually drove them to create their own tool to make things faster. That's innovation for y...

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