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Macworld 2010: TUAW's Best in Show

Our videos are almost all posted, the interviews are all transcribed, and the impressions are all done and published -- we're finally bringing our Macworld 2010 coverage to conclusion. It was a heck of a show -- while there wasn't a lot of attention outside the conference floor from folks expecting...

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Going to Macworld Expo 2010? Join our community for updates and news

For the past several years, IDG World Expo has created a community on Ning for Macworld Expo. You can join up and follow various bloggers and companies, and now TUAW has a group page for the show. To join the group, just head over to http://macworldexpo.ning.com/group/tuaw. You can participate in...

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Contemplating the uncertain future of Macworld Expo

Jim Dalrymple has been around the Mac community for years, so when he talks, people listen. That's why yesterday's post at Dalrymple's blog, LoopInsight, was so fascinating and got me thinking about whether or not Dalrymple was right in his assertion that things don't look good for the future of Mac...

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Paul Kent gives TUAW the latest news about Macworld 2010

As a Mac-head who has attended the Macworld Expo and Conference on and off since the late 1980s, I met the announcement last December that Apple would no longer attend the event with a big, jaw-breaking yawn. Personally, I never attended Macworld for the Apple display, which was overcrowded and sta...

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