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Tag: MacworldExpo2011

TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Chasing the paperless office and more

CES 2011 is over, Macworld Expo 2011 is just two weeks away, and just twelve days into the new year, we've had a lot to be excited about. Our favorite computers have their very own Mac App Store, the iPhone has a second carrier in the U.S., and the rumors of iPad 2 are beginning to fill the air. Tod...

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Looking forward to Macworld Expo 2011, despite John Dvorak

OK, I'm the first to admit that I didn't feel Macworld Expo had much of a future without Apple. After all, I was the guy responsible for the graphic that showed a gravestone with "Macworld Expo 1985 - 2010: Rest In Peace" engraved on it (my apologies to Paul Kent of IDG World Expo for that...). But ...

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