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Leopard Love: Advanced Selection in Preview

Over at MurphyMac, Murphy has posted a great tutorial about the new Leopard selection tools for Preview.app. As usual, there's an excellent screencast that walks you through the entire process. The new "Extract Shape" tool lets you draw a rough outline around an object and then use selection handle...

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Terminal Tip: Interactive Command-line File Encryption

In OS X, you can always toss a file onto the command line instead of laboriously typing out a complete path name because Terminal supports drag and drop. Over at Murphymac, Murphy has posted a video showing you how to create a shell script using DES3 encryption to protect your files. It takes advan...

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Organizing your Desktop with file wells

Uncluttering your life and Getting Things Done is a perennial favorite among us TUAW folks, and MurphyMac has posted a new video showing a novel way to take charge of your Mac desktop. Creating a custom desktop helps organize your workspace around your workflow. You build a background in your favor...

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Create a PDF listing of a folder's contents

MurphyMac has posted yet another cool how-to video. This one shows how to create a PDF listing of the contents of an OS X folder. It relies on creating a sidebar printer, which you can find out how to do in this related trick. By dragging a folder to the sidebar printer and saving to PDF, you creat...

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