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Tag: MurphyMac

Leopard Love: Advanced Selection in Preview

Over at MurphyMac, Murphy has posted a great tutorial about the new Leopard selection tools for As usual, there's an excellent screencast that walks you through the entire process. The new "Extract Shape" tool lets you draw a rough outline around an object and then use selection handle...

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Terminal Tip: Interactive Command-line File Encryption

In OS X, you can always toss a file onto the command line instead of laboriously typing out a complete path name because Terminal supports drag and drop. Over at Murphymac, Murphy has posted a video showing you how to create a shell script using DES3 encryption to protect your files. It takes advan...

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Organizing your Desktop with file wells

Uncluttering your life and Getting Things Done is a perennial favorite among us TUAW folks, and MurphyMac has posted a new video showing a novel way to take charge of your Mac desktop. Creating a custom desktop helps organize your workspace around your workflow. You build a background in your favor...

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Create a PDF listing of a folder's contents

MurphyMac has posted yet another cool how-to video. This one shows how to create a PDF listing of the contents of an OS X folder. It relies on creating a sidebar printer, which you can find out how to do in this related trick. By dragging a folder to the sidebar printer and saving to PDF, you creat...

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