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Survey suggests Verizon's iPhone customers more satisfied than AT&T's

A survey of the differences between AT&T and Verizon iPhone customers shows what we knew all along: many AT&T iPhone customers are quite fed up with the phone network. All the main points in the Mobclix survey of iPhone users (taken in February) reinforce the conclusion: The larger...

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AAPL hits another all time high

Once again, Apple stock (AAPL) has hit a new intra-day high, and this time it's a really good one. This is the first time Apple has broken into the lofty US$350s. Things are moving quickly, but when I started this post, AAPL was up 6.66 points to $353.17 on moderately high volume of about ten milli...

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Verizon iPhone sales broke 500,000

Analysts estimate that Verizon sold over 500,000 iPhones in its first day of pre-order sales. Pre-ordering began at 3 AM ET and continued until 8:10 PM when the allotment set aside for pre-orders was depleted. Verizon confirmed in a press release that it set an all-time first day sales record in the...

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