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iPhone 2.2.1 SDK on a PPC Mac

There's a great tutorial at Apokalypse Software for getting the iPhone 2.2.1 SDK working on a PPC Mac (up until now, doing development for the iPhone meant getting an Intel-based Mac). It takes some work, but nothing that will pose a problem for most developers. Before you begin, remember that you m...

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Making music with Hypercard

This post combines two things we love: inventive geeks and vintage Macs. Peter Jungers and Josh Burker worked together to write several HyperCard stacks to compose their music, which you can listen to here. That's a trio of 68K Macs you're listening to (though it reminds me of a scene from Suspiria...

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A tour of Microsoft's Mac labs

Here's something interesting I haven't seen before. Blogger David Weiss works at Microsoft's Mac Business Unit (MacBU), and offers a great tour of the MacBU's Mac labs on his blog. There's a lot to see here, from rooms full of vintage Macs, all sorts of printers you can image up and running (test, t...

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Rig of the Day: Pizza box

Ah, the pizza box Macs: Flat, broad squares of loveliness. I knew someone who had a Centris 660AV just like this one, which she refused to replace up until only two or three years ago (and its replacement was a 350MHz G3 iMac). Sometimes it's hard to let go. "old workhorse" posted by glug...

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Rig of the Day: Family reunion

Today's rig shot is fantastic. Flickr user and TUAW reader thenode hosted a bit of a "family reunion" for many of his Macs. Specifically, he got a Powerbook 520c, an SE-30, a Quadra 630 and a Mac mini (the youngster of the group) all networked together to play Armor Alley. The kids even g...

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Rig of the Day: The collector

Now, I collect Macs and other Apple goodies, but Flickr user mactarkus has got me beat. Check out the iMacs (is that a flower power in the foreground?), All in One, compact Macs, Mac TV...even a Twentieth Anniversary Mac, which, for me, is the Holy Grail. Two great posters wrap up the collection. &q...

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