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Tag: VirtualMachine

Parallels Mobile updated for Retina display

The Parallels Mobile app (US$4.99 intro price, regular price $19.99) received an update today that provides support for the Retina display on the new iPad. The update is free to all existing users of Parallels Mobile. Parallels Mobile is designed to allow remote operation of virtual machines ...

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Parallels Desktop 7 updated so you can test Windows 8

Users of Parallels Desktop 7 are used to using a variety of operating systems on their Macs: Windows 7, Google Chrome OS, Fedora and Ubuntu Linux, and even other instances of OS X Lion. An update that was released today by Parallels now adds support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview and OS X Mountain...

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Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac: Faster, new features, better mobility

Parallels 7 has just been announced. The latest iteration of Parallels, the virtualization environment that currently has about 75% of the total Mac market share for VM software, ships with more than 90 new and enhanced features. As you'd expect, one of the enhancements is the speed of the...

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Parallels gets down to bare metal with new server software

Parallels has announced a new version of Parallels Server for Mac called the Mac Bare Metal Edition. It's optimized to provide better performance for virtual machines running on an Xserve, and allows multiple, isolated virtual machines to run simultaneously on the same server. Using "hypervisor" ...

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Zimbra and VMWare get married, cloud-shaped kids expected

In the world of Mac email and collaboration servers, there are some big names -- Apple (of course, with Mac OS X Server's mail and calendaring features), Kerio, and Zimbra. Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a popular and powerful email server and shared calendar for Linux and Mac OS X. The features of Z...

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How to set up Ubuntu Linux on a Mac -- it's easy and free

I received a private tweet from a reader the other day, who asked a question about a previous post in which I had installed Windows 7 RC1 on a Mac using Sun's VirtualBox. The tweet asked, "You did a post about installing Win 7 on the Mac for free. How about Linux?," which set up a challenge. Not onl...

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VMWare offers free training videos on YouTube

VMWare has started publishing short, but informative YouTube videos demonstrating various tasks in the new version of Fusion for the Mac. One of the videos (shown above, YouTube link here) shows how to install Windows XP in a new virtual machine in Fusion 2.0. If you don't want to watch low-qualit...

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Sun xVM VirtualBox 2 enhances the free virtualization experience

Sun xVM VirtualBox 2.0 has arrived! We did a detailed review of VirtualBox 1.6 back in July, and now a shiny new version is available. If you want to set up a virtualization environment on your Intel Mac, but don't want to spend money on Parallels or VMWare Fusion, xVM VirtualBox 2.0 is a free and f...

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TUAW Labs: VirtualBox

Running other operating systems on a Mac is nothing new, and with the advent of Intel-based Macs we've seen a flood of virtual machine software: Parallels Desktop for Mac, VMWare Fusion, and Codeweavers CrossOver Mac. These products enable you to run Mac OS X and another operating system simultaneou...

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MacHeist sale for Parallels Desktop

If you've been looking to snag Parallels Desktop version 3.0, but don't want to pay the $79.99 associated with Parallels then a summer MacHeist bundle is just the thing. MacHeist is currently offering Parallels Desktop + Mac Pilot for only $49 (US). Returning MacHeist customers receive a $10 discou...

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Parallels Server for Mac available now

In October, when Apple introduced a change in policy allowing Leopard Server to run in a virtual environment on Apple hardware, Mac IT geeks everywhere looked forward to the day that they could run Windows Server, Linux and OS X Server all off their pretty Xserves. That day is today, because Paralle...

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VM2Go - manage Parallels machines, run them from an iPod and more

One of the signs that you've 'made it' as a 3rd party (besides, of course, having great sales) is when other 3rd parties develop tools and apps that work with your app. In this vein, VM2Go from BriteMac (which we covered when it was in beta) is apparently the first 3rd party utility that allows you...

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Beta Beat: VM2Go Utility for Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels user Mark (aka) Clalron has whipped up a nifty little utility called VM2Go and he just released it as beta in the Parallels forums. The app provides a list of all the virtual machines on your Mac, shows their actual disk space usage, allows VMs to be transferred to iPods or external drive...

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VMWare's Fusion begins private beta

Some beta testers that we won't name for their own protection have let us know that VMWare is now ready to take Parallels to task in the desktop virtualization market with Fusion. What is Fusion? According to the private beta site... "Fusion is the codename for a new VMware desktop product for Mac ...

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Run Vista on your Intel Mac with Q

Parallels Desktop is all the rage in Mac virtualization these days, but it doesn't offer one major feature (yet): the ability to run Vista on an Intel Mac (believe it or not, this will be useful to many a Mac user). Sure, they've promised it's coming on their blog, but who wants to wait for Paralle...

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