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Fei Lam of WhiteiPhone4Now reveals how Apple found him

Earlier today we told you how Apple's legal team finally caught up with Fei Lam, the teenager from New York who was selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits, and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against him. Now new information about the whole ordeal has emerged including how exactly Apple fo...

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Apple files trademark infringement against WhiteiPhone4Now website

Apple's legal team finally caught up with Fei Lam, the teenager from New York who was selling white iPhone 4 conversion kits, and filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against him. Lam claimed to be getting white iPhone 4 parts directly from Foxconn and was reselling them on his website, white...

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White iPhone 4 produces long lines in Beijing

The white Apple iPhone 4 made its retail debut today, and China is one market where demand is high for the long-awaited device. According to a report from Computerworld, hundreds of customers lined up outside the Apple Store in Beijing to buy the long-delayed white model. Customers in line conf...

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White iPhone 4 now available for sale internationally

The elusive white iPhone 4 is elusive no more. It's already gone on sale internationally; this included screenshot is from Vodafone in New Zealand. The white iPhone 4 is expected to see release in several international markets over the course of the day, with release in the US likely to come with...

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Bloomberg: White iPhone 4 to arrive by the end of April

For those of you waiting for the white iPhone 4 ever since Apple announced it almost ten months ago, your wait may soon be coming to an end. Bloomberg is citing "three people familiar with the plans" who say the white iPhone 4 will begin shipping in the next few weeks. The white iPhone will be ava...

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White iPhone reportedly disappears from Apple inventory database

Overnight, Apple put up the yellow sticky note announcing its online store was down. Apple flipped the switch back on earlier this morning and visible changes to the store were minimal. Behind the scenes, though, a tipster to 9to5 Mac claimed Apple removed the white iPhone 4 from its retail datab...

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Phil Schiller says white iPhone coming this spring

Increasingly it seems that when you have a question about an Apple product, you should bypass the support forums and go directly to Apple's top brass. When asked about the white iPhone 4 on Twitter, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, responded with an ent...

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White iPhone 4 available in April?

After a delay of almost one year, people will soon be able to get their hands on the white iPhone 4, according to Concord Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Kuo told AppleInsider that Apple will begin production of the white iPhone 4 en masse this month with a scheduled early-April ship date. A...

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Wintek to supply touchscreen panels for white iPhone 5

A new rumor out of China's Economic Daily News suggests Apple has selected Wintek as the sole touchscreen supplier for the white iPhone 5. This contract would push Wintek ahead of TPK Touch solutions, making it the #1 touch panel supplier globally. Of interest to Apple fans, the Asian report adds th...

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The Engadget Show featuring Steve Wozniak's white iPhone

You may remember when Steve Wozniak flashed his (fake) white iPhone on CNN back in December, but Engadget now has something even better -- a 6-minute video of Woz discussing his white iPhone and talking about how he bought the parts from a teenager who Apple later shut down. The video is an edited s...

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New paint supposedly fixes white iPhone production issue

Recent sightings of the white iPhone 4 in inventory systems suggest the release of the elusive handset may be imminent. Another report from Japanese blog Macotakara lends credence to these earlier leaks by claiming the paint problems that plagued the white iPhone 4 have been solved. According to the...

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White iPhone 4 seen in German inventory system

The good folks at Engadget have received pictures of what purports to be the inventory listing for Vodaphone in Germany, and in there you can see an entry for an iPhone 4 "weiß," which you don't have to have taken high school German to realize means white. That's right, the legendary white iP...

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Woz flashes fake white iPhone 4 on CNN

You've got to hand it to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Although he hasn't really done anything for the company since 1987, he is becoming quite the TV star. He's been a competitor on Dancing with the Stars, did a cameo on Big Bang Theory, and was recently seen on CNN flashing a white iPhone 4. A w...

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White iPhone 4 reportedly due spring of 2011

If you have been holding out for a white iPhone 4, you might only have another three or four months to wait. We reported last month that the white iPhone had been delayed until spring, and now we have confirmation of sorts from Apple. A number of our readers pinged TUAW over the weekend with news of...

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Foxconn denies selling white iPhone parts

Manufacturer Foxconn has denied selling white iPhone parts in a statement made through the Taiwanese stock exchange. Last August, we pointed out WhiteiPhone4Now, a website selling white iPhone conversion kits. Earlier this week, the site's owner, Fei Lam, saw his project gain the attention of a priv...

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