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A Weekend with an XP iMac

This weekend, I conducted a little experiment. I used Boot Camp to boot my 17-inch 1.83GHz iMac Core Duo with 2GBs of RAM and an external 24-inch monitor in Windows XP and then I forced myself to remain in XP. I didn't reboot into OS X. Instead, I explored the Windows performance on the machine. Ove...

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What the Boot Camp Windows install doesn't support

I just read over the Boot Camp install instructions (to find out what Boot Camp is read this post) and they are pretty straightforward. During the process you create what Apple is calling a 'Driver CD' which contains all the drivers to let Windows use your Airport card, the networking on your Mac, a...

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Apple to PC Manufacturers and Windows: It's on!

OMG I cannot stop giggling with glee over Scott's Boot Camp post. Apple has just thrown down a pretty major gauntlet to all the current PC manufacturers. I mean, now, thousands of cubicle workers around the globe can say, "Yes, I can run Windows on my MacBook Pro. I won't be needing that Dell m...

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Apple introduces Boot Camp

In a bold move today, Apple has released a public beta of Boot Camp, a piece of technology that will be integrated with Leopard that is just for Intel Macs. Why is it so bold? Boot Camp allows you to dual boot Windows XP and OS X on any Intel Mac. The software even includes Mac specific drivers for...

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