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TUAW guests on Your Mac Life... right now

If you're not watching the presidential debate tonight, and you feel like more Mac news is what you need, then pop over to Shawn King's Your Mac Life show -- live now, 8:30 pm ET -- and tune in for MacBook discussion and more. I'll be on the show for the segment starting at about 9:20 pm to discuss...

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MacAddict Magazine to be renamed Mac|Life

Near the top of my list of the dumbest things I've heard today, Macworld reports that MacAddict is being relaunched as Mac|Life, thanks to some genius at Future US, the humorous and handy Mac-themed magazine's current publisher. The Macworld article points to a recent job posting on the SF Bay Area ...

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Rearview Mirror

Are you incredibly paranoid? Do you have a Mac with a built in iSight, or other webcam attached? if you answered yes to both of those questions then Jay Curtis, part of the team behind Your Mac Life, has whipped up Rearview Mirror just for you. It simply pipes the video signal from the webcam instal...

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Let's go to Macworld and get married!

Isn't it sweet when geeks fall in love? You may know Shawn King as the host of the great Your Mac Life internet radio show. You may not know that he met his wife-to-be at the Macworld expo of three years ago, and got engaged at last year's expo. How else could you possibly wrap up this story than wi...

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