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ScreenSharingMenulet hits 2.0

ScreenSharingMenulet is a free (donations requested) program which I've mentioned before that runs in your menu bar and gives you access to computers for quick access to screen sharing. My success with Back To My Mac was "spotty" at best until I started using the DynDNS service, port forwarding, ...

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ShareTool offers a Back to my Mac alternative

Back to my Mac is one of the much-touted features that .Mac subscribers gained with Leopard. Basically, it lets you enjoy screen sharing between two appropriately configured Macs. The main drawback for many is the required .Mac subscription. If that's you, check out ShareTool. This $20US utility let...

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Show floor video: Webex lets you collaborate across platforms

So let's say you've got a Panther machine on your DSL connection with a firewall, and another computer across town running Windows 98 on a dual-ISDN connection, but you really need to control the Mac from the PC. No dice, right? According to Webex, this might just be possible,* although your experie...

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Back to My Mac not working? Apple knows.

Back to My Mac is one of those 'wow' features of Leopard. It lets you connect, securely, to a remote Mac (running Leopard) and access files and control it from any other internet-connected Mac (which also has to be running Leopard). At least, that's what it is supposed to do. Many people, including...

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Apple posts Back to My Mac information

It looks like .Mac subscribers are going to get a little more out of Leopard than the rest of us. .Mac's Back to My Mac feature is new in Leopard, and is pretty neat. Basically, it allows you to connect to a remote Mac over the Internet and access files or log into the Mac remotely. I imagine this ...

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