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BiKN iPhone case and tags: Finding everything that matters

Last month I did a review of the Zomm Wireless Leash Plus, a dongle that works with your iPhone and Bluetooth to find your keys or whatever else you happen to attach the dongle to. Recently, a BiKN (pronounced "beacon") iPhone case and tag showed up at my door from Treehouse Labs. BiKN works si...

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BiKN for iPhone now available: Smart case and tags keep you and your stuff together

TUAW's Mike Schramm first wrote about the BiKN (pronounced "beacon") smart case and radio tags for iPhone back during our CES coverage. Today, the BiKN (US$119.99 with two tags, $99.99 with one) is available for purchase so you can keep your stuff close at hand. As Mike noted in his post, the BiKN...

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