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Here's what your new black MacBook Air would look like, if it existed

In love with the idea of a new black Apple notebook? So am I. There's just no denying that a black MacBook would be an awesome addition to the company's lineup, though whether we'll ever be graced with such a device is anyone's guess. But just to tease the idea, I whipped up some images that show...

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I want a new black MacBook

There is a stark contrast between Apple's use of color on its computer hardware and its mobile devices. You can get an iPod, iPhone, and to a lesser extent, an iPad, in a number of hues, but ever since the black polycarbonate MacBook bit the dust in 2009, there's been a distinct lack of flavor in ...

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Airbag posts thoughts on black MacBook

Greg Storey has been using his black MacBook for a few days, and has posted this thoughts about it. He assures us that the screen is bright enough to use outdoors, and that the black coloring isn't easy to scratch off (though it does show off dust). He also points out that the keyboard no longer con...

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