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An eMac that's finally good for something

Between the two, I'll take the one that's yellowed with age. [Photo credit: Derek K. Miller]...

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eMac becomes cat bed

This eMac-turned-cat bed is the product of a friend of mine here in LA named Colin Hughes. A little while back, he got a new computer to replace his old (though still working) eMac, and instead of junking it, he decided to clean out the hardware and turn the case into a makeshift kitty pad. He ...

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Dressed up right for Leopard release night

We asked for it, and even though I'm kind of regretting it, we got it. On the left is young readers Ben and Austin, dressed for the part (I can't believe no one threw red paint on them) at the Leopard launch this afternoon in Holyoke, MA. And on the right, in the, errr, eMac, is reader Geir Arne f...

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Apple pulls Education iMac

A little more than a week since Apple began offering a rock-bottom priced iMac configuration targeted at educational customers, the company has stopped offering the machine to anyone other than institutional buyers. The $900 replacement for the eMac differed from the baseline consumer model only in ...

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eMac LCD conversion hack

This is cool. At my repair job, when someone brings in a broken eMac which turns out to have a bad analog board, we don't think twice about telling then that all is lost. Replacing an analog board on all but the newest machines would cost more than the machine is worth. This guy, however, decided n...

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The latest gossip: eMac wants a nip/tuck

AppleInsider, one of our primary sources for that contraband we like to call "Apple rumors", is claiming to have the word on a new education Mac to replace the now defunct eMac. Apparently the all-new eMac will be based around G5 processors and.... wait. That article's from two years ago! We can onl...

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Apple's special deals section filled to brim, hemmoraging iPods

While I was pondering whether the introduction of Remote Desktop 3 was worthy of shutting down the Apple Store this morning, C.K. pointed out that Apple also updated their Special Deals section. A lot. I can't remember the last time I've had to scroll this much on a page in the Apple Store. It looks...

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Is the eMac's successor on the horizon?

I like the eMac. We have several at my day job, and they're solid and reliable (and low cost, to boot). Alas, they drifted quietly out of existence. Have we heard the last of the low cost, all-in-one Mac? The folks at Mac OS Rumors think not. They suggest that a machine with a 19", 16:10 wide s...

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eMac disappears from Apple Store (again), goes edu only?

TUAW reader John Gaskell, whose rig we featured last week, noticed that, once again, the eMac has disappeared from both the online Apple Store as well as their edu store. Further, while I haven't seen the eMac product page in a while, I thought it used to live at apple.com/emac, while it actually li...

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Taco time: mod Jay's eMac

Sitting here surrounded by the guts of my eMac, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted to put all these bits of metal and plastic back into the case in a different order, or replace some of them entirely. If it were a second generation machine, priority number one would be overclocking. Since my bo...

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Maintainability: lessons Apple could stand to relearn

If you've been wondering why I haven't had many bylines in the past couple of days (come on, you know you have), it's because my trusty eMac died and I've been struggling with repairs. And I do mean struggling. Replacing the clicking hard drive, which should be a simple enough repair, has turned i...

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