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Apple shows new Get a Mac ad tonight: "PC Innovation Lab"

One of our readers was watching TV tonight and spotted this ad during a commercial break. Lo' and behold, It was up on Apple's website about 2.5 hours later. It basically suggests ridiculous "innovations" that PC thinks will help bring people back to the world of Windows. Mac goes on to suggest tha...

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Clever Get a Mac sidebar ads

Apple has some clever new Get a Mac sidebar ads running on various sites around the net, including ZDNet. In them, PC repeatedly hits an emergency reset lever (attempting to clear negative banners about Vista) to less than good effect. The humorless sort are quick to point out that the quotes PC ...

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Found Footage: 2 New Get a Mac ads air on Canadian TV

TUAWer Connor let us know that he was able to upload two Get a Mac commercials that are airing in Canada (though not in the US, as of yet). The ad pictured to the right features the Mac talking about getting some work done, while Counseling depicts the PC and the Mac trying to see eye to eye with t...

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Gisele 'Get a Mac' ad surfaces

There were rumors that Gisele was set to star in a new Apple ad, but no one knew for sure. Turns out that a MacShrine reader snapped a shot of the new ad running in an Apple Store. The gist of the ad seems to be that the Mac is elegant and beautiful, like Gisele, while the PC is a cheap imitation. ...

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