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UK iPhone users to see better value service plans

Amongst a general re-shuffling of contract pricing, O2 has announced that iPhone customers are going to be getting a better deal on their contracts. The UK contracts were, at launch, notably slim on both calls and texts when compared to other O2 packages. Whilst the higher price was due in part to t...

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O2 removes 200MB Fair-Use policy for UK iPhone

There's been a fair bit of debate (and disappointment) with the O2 200 megabyte 'Fair-Use' data transfer policy that was expected to appear with the U.K. iPhone contracts this Friday. Thankfully, it seems O2 has heard us: late last night, the Telegraph newspaper revealed that O2 has now scrapped ...

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Apple releases in-depth UK & German iPhone sites

With just one week, yes a mere seven days, until the iPhone touches down (legitimately) here in the UK and Germany, Apple has unveiled more in-depth iPhone product pages with the ads and more material for the launch of the much-fabled phone. Unfortunately, my favourite ad from the US - 'Calamari' - ...

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After the storm: iPhone & the U.K.

September 18th was perhaps one of the most hotly-anticipated days for us Apple-loving Brits. The iPhone, arguably one of the most hyped and hotly anticipated mobile phone handsets, was rumoured to be coming to our fair isle. Our resident iPhone code-guru Erica posted after the event on the most di...

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Metaliveblogging Apple's "Mum is no longer the word" event

Good morning, dear TUAW readers. London calling. It's Tuesday morning, and that can only mean one thing. We've been getting tonnes of tips that the Apple Store is down. The Apple store is still online, although tipster Gary tipped us off that the O2 store - the very same network rumoured to be the...

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Apple to host UK Special Event 18/9

Thanks to tipster Lee for sending this, courtesy of MacFormat. Apple has announced an invite-only event to be held next Tuesday morning (18th September) at London's Regent Street Apple Store. The event invite is simply headed with the tagline "Mum is no longer the word" and instructions on how to ge...

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