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iMac G5 going bye-bye

Macenstein reports that the iMac G5 (both 17" and 20" models) is no longer available at the Apple Store UK. While the 20" is still for sale on the US website, it's common sense to assume that it won't be for long. So if you're looking to nab yourself one of them PowerPC machines befor...

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Costco selling the 20" iMac G5 at discount

A Mac User Group email list that I'm on noticed that Costco of all places (think: Sams Club competitor) is selling the 20" iMac G5 with iSight for $1479.99. While the machine is listed on their site, they instruct customers to check their local stores for available stock; it looks like they don...

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Extended desktop for iMac G5's

This is a long shot, I know, but I just have to write about it. As we all know the new Intel based iMacs support monitor spanning (so you can extend your desktop across two monitors) as opposed to video mirroring only as the line of iMac G5's did. The latest iMac G5 and the new Intel iMacs have almo...

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Testing the iMac G5 vs. Intel video

An enterprising person over at Digg decided to time starting up his own iMac G5 alongside the video that I pointed to earlier, and while he found the Core Duo iMac to be the fastest, he didn't have as much of a gap as the clearly ailing G5 in that video: "The difference in boot times is such that o...

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