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Refurbished UK hotel features a Mac in every room

From the land of Shakespeare we have a remodeled hotel that has gone Mac in every room. The Menzies Welcombe Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon is now about as tech-friendly as a hotel can be, especially for a hotel built in 1866. All guest rooms now contain a Mac, a flat screen TV, internet connecti...

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Steam releases Mac stats, share drops to 5%

Steam has released its latest hardware survey results, and there's both good and bad news for us Mac gamers. The bad news first: Mac usage of the gaming service has apparently leveled off since the big debut a few months ago, and while the Mac share was originally around 8%, it appears the novelty ...

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Talkcast tonight 7PT/10ET: Heat Wave Edition

As per tradition, tonight you can chat with TUAW bloggers and hopefully some of the usual Mac suspects at 4pm Hawaiian/7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern time. Those usual suspects will include me, your host for the evening. We'll have some iMac things (or lack of things) on the agenda, the impending free cas...

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New Macs, something else tomorrow?

Engadget is the latest to report a rumor that's been circulating for months: tomorrow may be the day that we finally see those new Macs we've been waiting on. John Gruber claims we're going to see new MacBooks and iMacs (which we'll rate as "expected"), updated Mac minis (wouldn't be a huge surpris...

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TUAW Talkcast live tonight at 10pm Eastern

Our weekly talkcast returns to the virtual airwaves this evening over on Talkshoe, so if you're around on a Sunday night, and want to tune in and talk Apple with a crew of TUAW bloggers and readers, you're in luck. We'll start up at around 10pm Eastern this evening, and we'll be talking about the ...

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New iMacs and MacBooks coming soon?

Maybe so, if you believe the predictions of some analysts at Wedge Partners. They proclaim in their neverending analyst-y wisdom that in the next few weeks, Apple will again refresh its lines of iMacs and MacBooks, including a slimmer iMac and an only slightly updated MacBook. Why would Apple announ...

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Florida school may trash 200 Macs to go PC-only

This could be the saddest thing I've seen all week (and I've watched a few Cubs games): a Florida school is declaring itself PC-only, and apparently was planning to toss almost 200 Macs in the trash to get new Windows computers for the kids and teachers. Hearing that kids will have to use Windows i...

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Flickr Find: What to do with 50 iMacs

What would you do with 50 iMacs? That's the question that a classroom of kids wants your input on. They have 50 iMacs (mostly G3s) that are running a mix of OS X and OS 9. They need some ideas on what to do with 'em. The first thing I thought of was, of course, a Beowulf cluster. What classroom cou...

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Apple updates iMacs, intros 24 inch model

I certainly wasn't expecting this today. Apple has just updated the entire iMac line to include Intel Core 2 Duo processors in each model. In addition they have added a gigantic 24 inch model to the line up, as well as lowering the price of the low end model to $999. The iMac line up now includes 4...

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Cracking open a new Intel iMac

Hopefully, I'll have my hands on a new iMac later today, so that I can weigh in with a little video review of the new computer, but thank the Woz that the Japanese beat me to tearing open the new iMac! Now, I can simply direct your eager eyes over to this site, so that you can peep into the new iMac...

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