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Oxford English Dictionary back to the Mac

If you make your living with words, and some of us around here at TUAW do, then a good dictionary is what you need. The mother of all dictionaries, the Oxford, is now available for Macs (PPC and Intel) on CD with half a million words, and the ability to trace word usage through more than 2 million ...

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iStat Pro 3.3 widget brings temp and fan readings for Intel Macs and more

The feature-packed iStat Pro Dashboard widget is a reigning favorite here at TUAW, and its recent v3.3 update has heralded some handy new features. First, it now includes (though prompts you to install upon first run) a new module that can read the temperature and fan speeds of Intel Macs. That's ri...

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Beta Beat: VM2Go Utility for Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels user Mark (aka) Clalron has whipped up a nifty little utility called VM2Go and he just released it as beta in the Parallels forums. The app provides a list of all the virtual machines on your Mac, shows their actual disk space usage, allows VMs to be transferred to iPods or external drive...

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Apple Firmware Restoration CD 1.2

The Apple Firmware Restoration CD 1.2 will restore your Intel-based Intel-based Mac to original factory condition. It can only be used to restore the Firmware after an interrupted or failed update. If your computer is already bricked, you'll need to download the update and create the CD on another M...

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Apple releases EFI Firmware updates for Intel Macs

Apple today released EFI Firmware Updates for all Intel-based Macs. The update, in all cases, fixes several Boot Camp, start up, and wake-from-sleep issues. Here's the rundown: iMac EFI Firmware Update 1.1 After the firmware update is successfully applied to your computer, your Boot ROM Version will...

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Parallels Workstation 2.1 Beta5

Thorn lets us know, in the comments to the fast OS switching post, that the folks at Parallels have released Beta 5 of their Parallels Workstation 2.1 for Intel Macs. This is the software that lets you run 'virtual' machines on your Intel Macs (including, but not limited to, Windows XP). So what's n...

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Apple posts firmware update

Earlier today, Apple posted a new firmware update for Intel-equipped Macs. According to Apple, this update will bring your Intel Mac to firmware version 1.0.1. You can find the update for the Mac mini here, the iMac here and the MacBook Pro here. Apple didn't provide a whole lot of detail about thes...

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Apple to PC Manufacturers and Windows: It's on!

OMG I cannot stop giggling with glee over Scott's Boot Camp post. Apple has just thrown down a pretty major gauntlet to all the current PC manufacturers. I mean, now, thousands of cubicle workers around the globe can say, "Yes, I can run Windows on my MacBook Pro. I won't be needing that Dell m...

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Photoshop not Universal until next version?

Our very own David Chartier has posted on the Unofficial Photoshop Weblog that there are rumors that Adobe has no plans to make their current offerings into Universal applications (ones that run natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Macs). If this is true, and at the moment this is pure conjectur...

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