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iStat Pro 3.3 widget brings temp and fan readings for Intel Macs and more

The feature-packed iStat Pro Dashboard widget is a reigning favorite here at TUAW, and its recent v3.3 update has heralded some handy new features. First, it now includes (though prompts you to install upon first run) a new module that can read the temperature and fan speeds of Intel Macs. That's ri...

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TUAW Tip: How to tell if an application is a Universal Binary

You want to figure out if an application is Universal, but you're not sure how to do it? There is a very simple easy way to find out. Simply select the icon of the application you're curious about and either right click and select 'Get Info' or hit Command + i. Either one will get you to the info wi...

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FileMaker ships Universal binaries

Filemaker, today, released FileMaker Pro 8.5, FileMaker Pro 8.5 Advanced, FileMaker Server 8.0v4 and FileMaker Server 8.0v4 Advanced as Universal Binaries. Now, I know most people don't get too excited about database software, however, Filemaker claims that FileMaker Server is 116% faster on Intel ...

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Remote Buddy

Now that most Macs come with a remote, don't you wish you could do a little bit more with it? Now you can, thanks to Remote Buddy. This hand little application lets you control a number of items on your Mac through the magic of Behaviours, which are plugins for Remote Buddy. Check out their website ...

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Intel Mac Temperature Database

Everyone is worried about the heat issues with the new Intel Macs (mostly the portables, but I bet someone out there thinks their iMac gets a little too hot). Now you can compare your MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, or iMac's temperature to other people's machines thanks to the Intel Mac Temperature...

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Your new MacBook Pro runs a little hot, but how hot is it? CoreDuoTemp can tell you how hot your CPU is, as well as let you know CPU usages, and frequency. All of this for free? Well, donations are accepted. Sorry PowerPC folks, this one is Intel Mac only....

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Apple KB Article: Boot Camp doesn't work with multiple partitions

The first thing I do when I get a new Mac (or a new PC for that matter) is wipe out the hard drive, make two partitions, and do a fresh install on one of the partitions. I then store all my data on the other partition, just in case I ever need to reinstall the OS (is this a fool proof way to back up...

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The Good News for Mac Lab Admins

With the release of new Intel Macs yesterday, the people who manage labs and classrooms full of Macs started asking questions. Does this mean I need to have a PPC image for my PPC machines and an Intel image for my Intel Macs? What about NetRestore and NetBooting? Can these new Intel Macs even NetBo...

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