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Tag: iphone 2.0

SplashID for iPhone / iPod touch

Another venerable title from the world of Palm OS and Windows Mobile has made it to the iPhone and iPod touch.SplashID for iPhone / iPod touch is now shipping. With over 500,000 copies of SplashID sold, it's by far the most popular secure personal information manager for handheld devices. Developer...

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First Look: HANDiBIBLE for iPhone

As TUAW's own Robert Palmer noted a few weeks ago, there are over 20 Bible applications available for iPhone. Some require an Internet connection to query an online Bible database, while others store the text on the device. HANDiBIBLE (formerly Pocket Bible) is one of the latter apps, and is now ava...

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First Look: Edibles

If you're a loser and you're happy, it probably means that you are a successful dieter. Being a middle-aged computer geek means that I have been gaining weight (no, I'm not as "hefty" as Steve Wozniak). I am a member of the WeightWatchers Online program, but it's frustrating that I haven't been able...

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SoundMeter for iPhone

Do you need to make basic sound level measurements? For example, do you want to prove that your next door neighbor really is playing music loud enough to make your ears bleed? Faber Acoustical is coming to your rescue with their US$19.99 SoundMeter for iPhone. They discovered that both the built-in ...

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Play Free Bird!

Next time you're at a concert and just gotta have an encore, don't pull out a cigarette lighter. Instead, launch iLightr! iLightr is a virtual cigarette lighter for iPhone and iPod touch that is available in the App Store now (click opens iTunes). It's only US$0.99 and is an amazingly good simulatio...

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Lenovo Olympics 2008 App

Do you want to keep up with Michael Phelps and his quest for Olympic gold? Are you Interested in seeing photographs of women beach volleyball players competing on the sand (nudge nudge, wink wink)? Lenovo, the Chinese manufacturer of ThinkPad and IdeaPad notebook PCs and other electronic devices, i...

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TUAW Review: DataCase for iPhone

If you've been looking for a way to turn that 16GB iPhone into a wireless flash drive, there's a new solution available for you in the App Store: DataCase for iPhone (link opens iTunes). The developers, Veiosoft, missed their original release date of July 28th thanks to Apple's annoying application ...

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First Look: RiverGuide for Kayakers

Kayakers who want up-to-date info on river conditions now need to look no further than their iPhones (assuming they are brave enough to take said iPhones out to the river). RiverGuide for Kayakers (link opens iTunes), by developer Wayne Daley, provides real-time streamflow information throughout the...

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MobileFamilyTree: Genealogy for iPhone

Want to carry your family tree with you? Synium Software, the developer of a genealogy app called MacFamilyTree, has announced a mobile companion for their Mac product. MobileFamilyTree for iPhone and iPod touch requires MacFamilyTree 5.2.3 to run, and allows genealogists to review, edit, or add to ...

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Pwnage 2.0 released

The iPhone Dev Team has just released PwnageTool 2.0, thus bringing jailbreak and non-App Store third-party application support to iPhones/iPod Touches running firmware 2.0. First-generation iPhones can also be unlocked. At this time, the iPhone 3G cannot be unlocked or used with BootNeuter. Erica w...

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Turn your iPhone into a wireless drive with DataCase

One feature of many other handheld devices is the ability to use the device as a portable flash drive to move data between a couple of computers. The iPhone doesn't have that ability now, but will on July 28, 2008. That's the day that DataCase will be available in the iTunes App Store for $6.99. Fro...

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Mac 101: Back up Address Book, iCal, iPhone before MobileMe

Being the paranoid person that I am, it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to back up Address Book and iCal before all of the syncing madness begins between Macs, MobileMe, "the cloud", and iPhone/iPod touch. Here's how to do it (Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard only): Backing up Address Book Laun...

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iPhone App News Roundup: July 8, 2008

Damn. iPhone developers have been clamming up over the last few weeks, so we haven't had much to post in the App News Roundup. Now that it's getting closer to i-Day Friday, the tips are starting to pour in. Deepak Mantena of Tapeshow told us about Chores, his GTD app for iPhone (see screenshot...

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Which upcoming goodie are you anticipating?

With only a week before July, we're eager to get our hands on the new goodies from Apple. With so much to look forward to and try out, we're wondering which of the pending updates you're most interested in. Is it Mobile Me's offer of "Exchange for the rest of us?" Perhaps it's iPhone software 2.0, o...

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New iPhone SDK build shows video playlists, portrait-mode playback

An anonymous tipster sent us a short video showing new capabilities of the iPhone 2.0 software. It's a little hard to see around his building's attractive fluorescent lighting, but hopefully you get the gist. It appears that videos will be easily playable in portrait or landscape orientations, usi...

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