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Tag: iphone stand

MOS Kick: Incredibly small, light and sturdy iPhone stand

Accessory designers love to take up a challenge, and that must be the reason that the folks at MOS in Orem, Utah came up with the MOS Kick (US$25 pledge). The idea was to create an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stand that could easily fit in a pocket, yet be sturdy enough to let you take the time lapse an...

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And the award for Cheapest iPhone Stand goes to...

If you're in an office right now, there's a good chance you can whip one of these up in about five seconds. [Photo Credit: Rich Sipe]...

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Bracketron NanoTek Stand: minimalistic design by 1.0 Innovations, functional standout

You may read this review of the Bracketron NanoTek Stand (US$29.95) and ask yourself "What's so exciting about a angled piece of aluminum with some sticky pads on it?" Well, many times smartphone stands are tied to a particular generation of a smartphone, so when the next big thing appears on the ...

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