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Tag: iphone-3.0

Survey: 45% of iPod touch users running old firmware

Chitika Research, a company that helps deliver online advertising, has released numbers from its network that claim 45% of iPod touch users still haven't upgraded to the iPhone 3.x firmware. Only 55% of the users measured have paid the cash to upgrade to the latest version (because of accounting re...

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Sketches 1.7 out now

My favorite iPhone artmaking app, Sketches, has been updated again, this time to version 1.7. It's been made compatible with the iPhone 3.0 firmware, which means you no longer have to leave the app to share your pictures via email, and they've added in a few other bug fixes and improvements which wi...

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Worms for the iPhone submitted to Apple

Everyone's favorite battling invertebrates are coming to the iPhone and iPod touch very soon -- the game was actually announced a little while ago, but Team 17 now says the game has been sent off to be examined by Apple's eyes, and so, as long as it doesn't have any objectionable content (you can'...

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TUAW Interview: OpenFeint, continued

Have you seen anything like that already, where developers have said, well we thought about doing it this way, but we're going another way? PR: Too early. The phones aren't even out yet, user experience hasn't occurred yet. I would say July, we'll get a lot of feedback once these games come out wi...

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TUAW interviews OpenFeint's Peter Relan, Net Jacobsson, and Jason Citron

Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron are the folks with their names on Aurora Feint, but as Danielle told us in an interview a while ago, Peter Relan is the real mastermind behind the growing Feint empire. Not only did he put the two together in an idea lab, but he's one of the driving forces behind th...

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Two different services offering plans to developers for push, microtransactions

With iPhone OS 3.0 only having been released yesterday, two big companies are already angling to be developers' go-to for setting up push notifications and other online services for the new apps. OpenFeint was the first service we've heard about -- they have been offering social networking connectio...

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Next-gen iPhone photos leaked?

The iPhone blogs says they've uncovered the very first photos of a brand new version of the iPhone (the pictures are watermarked from a site called UMPC Fever), and while there's no actual indication that they're real (at the very least, it wouldn't be hard at all to make a picture and load it on th...

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The Wolfenstick app can send and recieve data through the iPhone audio port

This is interesting -- Alex Winston, Ltd. has come up with what they call the Wolfenstick, a little iPhone app that can control Wolfenstein 3D Classic with a second iPhone through the audio port. Obviously this isn't a very practical setup, as buying a second iPhone just to control games on the fir...

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TUAW Interview: Danielle Cassley of Aurora Feint

Danielle Cassley took one of the strangest paths you might find to game designer -- just out of a computer science degree at Berkeley, she was trying to get a job as a babysitter when she met Peter Relan of the YouWeb Incubator. And rather than have her take care of his kids, he decided instead to p...

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Streaming iPhone via bluetooth in the car

When all of those iPhone 3.0 features were first announced, one of the features that stuck out most to me was the incoming A2DP ability -- the new iPhone OS will let you stream out music to a Bluetooth source, like headphones... or your car. And over at, the guys got their hands on a Toyota...

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iPhone OS 3.0 live chat

Update: Well, if what you wanted wasn't in that laundry list, you may just have unrealistic expectations. MMS, copy and paste, downloadable paid content, turn-by-turn, A2DP... the list goes on! We'll have detailed reports momentarily. The bad news is, we don't have anyone on the inside of today's pr...

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