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More photography with the iPhone

The above video shows a fashion photo shoot taken completely with an iPhone, and it isn't even the iPhone 4! The photographer uses only an iPhone 3GS. I think there might be a little cheating involved; the lighting is overdone and the photos were sent off to a retoucher, so it's not that surprisi...

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Hulu Plus announced for iPhone and iPad

Hulu has finally announced their long-rumored subscription service, and it's a doozy. It's called Hulu Plus. For US$9.99 per month, you'll get you ad-supported access to the full current seasons of most shows and full back seasons of select shows. Plus, brand new Hulu Plus apps for the iPhone and...

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iSuppli: iPhone 4 parts cost $187.51

Update: As pointed out below, our original analysis here did not highlight the difference between the subsidized pricing (what consumers pay with a 2-year contract) and the much higher unsubsidized price (what carriers pay Apple for each phone). The unsubsidized price of the 16 GB iPhone 4 is not di...

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iPhone OS 4.0 to finally allow tethering

It turns out that the long-awaited tethering option on the iPhone (in the US anyway) is just around the corner. MacRumors discovered that there is a new configuration page for setting up Internet tethering via the iPhone inside of the latest beta of iPhone OS 4.0. The feature isn't actually enabled ...

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No vacations in June for AT&T employees

Boy Genius has the news that AT&T has blacked out the month of June for employee vacations in their stores. In the past, they've done exactly that when, oh, say, a brand new iPhone launches. So it's possible that we could see a new iPhone out and ready to go even before it's expected in July of...

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iPad tech specs reveal Cortex A8, 256MB Ram, PowerVR SGX 535

Now that the iPad has been out and tested for a few days, developers have a much better idea of what's exactly under that perfectly-formed hood. Turns out the A4 processor is modeled on the Cortex A8, a fact which was not only expected, but gives a little extra credence to the theory that chipmaker ...

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Skype 3G update coming 'soon'

As most of you know already, Apple has lifted the restrictions against making VoIP calls over a 3G connection, and a handful of apps have already "flipped a switch" behind the scenes to enable such calls. However, the most high-profile VoIP app on the App Store, Skype, has yet to follow suit. Sky...

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3GS has 99% satisfaction rate, AT&T not so much

A recent customer survey (of only 200 customers -- what are these surveys getting away with only 200 respondents?) claims that the iPhone 3GS has a 99% satisfaction rate. A full 99% of 200 polled iPhone customers claim that they are satisfied with their purchase, while 82% of them claimed they are "...

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More AR, this time with Twitter, on the iPhone

Here's another augmented reality iPhone app that might be slightly more useful for those of us outside of London than the Nearest Tube app we showed off the other day. TwittARound is a Twitter client (currently in beta) for the iPhone that uses your location info, compass, and the 3GS' video camera...

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Talkcast reminder: Potluck night tonight

Our weekly interactive podcast goes live at 10pm Eastern this evening, and it's going to be a potluck night on the show -- you bring whatever you want to talk about, and we'll bring our own casserole of TUAW news from the last week. We'll definitely talk about the new iPhone 3GS: how fast it is, h...

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iSuppli estimates the iPhone 3GS costs $179 to make

Did you know that after it is broken down into all of its composite metals and materials and parts, your human body is really only worth about $4.50? Yup, you're cheap in the broadest sense -- all of that oxygen, magnesium, iron, and sodium isn't actually worth all that much in the rare metals marke...

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