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NYT on unlocking phones

Here's a quick link over to today's New York Times article on phone unlocking, which raises a couple of interesting (not to say off-base) points. First, Nokia claims that the current "Open to Anything" ad campaign is not directly aimed at the iPhone... right. Second, writer Cyrus Farivar characteriz...

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French iPhone buyers may choose Orange or unlocked

In the collision between French telecom law and Apple's carrier exclusivity for the iPhone, guess who blinked. Engadget and the International Herald-Tribune among other sources are reporting that the French iPhone will be sold in two versions, an Orange-locked handset for 399 euros, and an unlocked ...

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Wired's Easy-Peasy iPhone Lockdown Checklist

Apple's hardly been on the charm offensive recently, what with the hard-hitting press release, clarifications from Phill Schiller, and the lockdown of the iPhone 1.1.1 update. So if you're wondering what on earth all the fuss is within the iPhone hacking community, then the folks at Wired have put t...

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TUAW Talkcast #7: Inside the iPhone Dev Team

Listen in for a wild and wide-ranging session with special guest Kai Cherry as we cover the ins and outs of the iPhone development scene, with an emphasis on the unlock options that have emerged. We had a rollicking time last Sunday night (so rollicking, in fact, that it's taken me all week to mix d...

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Reminder: Talkcast tonight -- iPhone unlock and more

Don't forget, you can join us online and live tonight, 9 pm Eastern Time, for a half-hour chat with the TUAW team. Mat Lu and I will be doing an extended iPhone/iPod touch development Q&A with Erica Sadun, who has been in a whirlwind of hackery as the iPod touch meets the agile minds of the iPho...

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