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Apple agrees to $53 million settlement in iPhone and iPod Touch warranty class action

Wired is reporting that Apple has agreed to a $53 million settlement in a class-action suit focusing on Apple's warranty practices regarding water damage in older iOS devices. The settlement agreement, which was leaked to Wired, has already been signed off on by Apple chief litigation counsel N...

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Apple ad man Ken Segall takes issue with Apple's iPhone naming scheme

While serving as the creative lead of TBWA/Chiat Day, Ken Segall oversaw the creative direction of Apple's marketing efforts. Credited as the man who put the 'i' in iMac, Segall worked very closely with Steve Jobs and helped oversee a number of memorable Apple ad campaigns, including the award-win...

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Still using an iPhone 3G after four years

Instead of succumbing to iPhone fever every time Apple announces a new version of the device, freelance journalist Robert Falck is still using an iPhone 3G. That's right; not the 3GS, 4, 4S or 5 -- an iPhone 3G, which was first introduced to the world in July 2008. Falck got his in January 2009...

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Decoding Apple's naming rules

Apple's naming style for its products may seem silly at times -- the iPhone 5, for example, if it is even called that, will actually only be the second iPhone granted a numerical moniker, after the iPhone 4. Now there's actually a way to put a real, concrete formula on Apple's naming schemes, a...

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iOS developer toolchain will bid farewell to the iPhone 3G

Cocoanetics has noticed something that's become apparent to most iOS developers already: with the advent of iOS 6 in a few weeks, Apple is essentially phasing out support for iOS on the iPhone 3G. Apple is slowly deprecating frameworks that iPhone 3G-compatible apps require from Xcode and app l...

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Mophie, Best Buy recalls overheating cases

A couple of recall notices went out earlier today for Mophie and Rocketfish battery cases. Mophie is recalling the Juice Pack Air for the fourth-generation iPod touch. Affected models will have the first five digits of the serial number be between TR113 and TR120. Mophie said a small number...

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iPhone 3G lawsuit over poor iOS 4 performance tossed out of court

In 2010, the iOS 4 update all but crippled the iPhone 3G. A subsequent update fixed most of the issues, but as is inevitable in a persistently litigious culture, California resident Bianca Wofford filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming "Apple knowingly and intentionally released what it called a ...

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Samsung files French patent complaint against Apple

Samsung and Apple continue to fight a heated legal battle overseas. In the latest skirmish, Samsung filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple in France. The complaint claims Apple violates three UMTS patents held by the Korean company. UMTS is a 3G technology used on GSM-based cellular ...

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Dear Aunt TUAW: Help me convert my iPhone to an iPod touch

Dear Auntie, Is it possible to completely convert my old iPhone 3G into an iPod touch? I don't want it to think it is still my phone and keep trying to backup and restore in iTunes. Your help would be really appreciated. Thanks and cookies! Ryan Dear Ryan, Yes, and it's really easy...

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T-Mobile now home to 1 million iPhones

When talking to 9to5Mac, a T-Mobile spokesperson offered up a tidbit of information that suggests the #4 wireless carrier, which does not sell the popular Apple smartphone, is home to over a million iPhones. Most of the devices are older iPhone models, though a fair amount of customers have rep...

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Security firm warns lack of iOS 4.3 update leaves iPhone 3G vulnerable

Security company Sophos is warning iPhone 3G and older iPod touch owners that their devices could be vulnerable to attack following Apple's decision not to make the iOS 4.3 update available to them. In addition to AirPlay improvements and iTunes Home Sharing, the iOS 4.3 update fixes a number o...

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Radio Shack offers iPhone at big discount

Just in time for your Christmas shopping, "The Shack" is offering the iPhone 4 at an incredibly nice discount. The deal is this -- you can buy a 16GB iPhone 4 for just $149, which is $50 off the price that you'll find at Apple or AT&T stores, and much better than even picking one up at your loc...

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iFlash adds a flash to your iPhone or iPod touch

Of course, it kind of takes away from the idea that a mobile phone should be sleek and easy to carry, but I'm guessing that is beside the point. The iFlash is a self-powered flash module that plugs directly into the docking port of your iPhone 3G/3GS or iPod touch and allows owners to take pictures...

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PwnageTool offers risky iPhone 3G, 3GS unlock

Those eager to carrier-unlock their iPhone 3G/3GS under the latest firmware (and only the latest firmware) have an option, if the risk of using iPad code does not dissuade them. The iPhone Dev Team has released a new version of PwnageTool that uses the 6.15.00 baseband from iPad firmware 3.2.2, whic...

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Etch-a-Sketch iPhone case draws on nostalgia

The guys at Headcase have created a pretty cool iPhone case that will probably appeal to anyone who's ever completed Kindergarten. Their officially licensed Etch-a-Sketch case is available for the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and iPhone 4. The case is made of impact resistant ABS plastic that should protect y...

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