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id taking a break from mobile to work on Doom 4

QuakeCon is happening in Texas this weekend, and id software head John Carmack has been giving interviews to the press on hand. He told The Verge that id software has decided to step away from mobile development long enough to focus on the forthcoming Doom 4. "We did make the decision to clos...

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John Carmack talks about Rage SD and HD, iOS, and what's next for iOS gaming

We've all seen the potential of what a demo like Epic Citadel can do, but while work continues on Infinity Blade, John Carmack's id Software has released Rage, an iOS-exclusive tie-in to the big FPS console and PC title scheduled to come out next year. The game is a pretty incredible feat in and of...

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Rage for iOS supports video out, available now in SD and HD

id games has released the iPhone version of Rage in two different versions, both SD and HD, available right now universally for the iPhone and the iPad. TUAW spoke with John Carmack this afternoon, and he said that the HD version is about twice as nice as the SD version: "All of the user interface ...

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John Carmack id tech 5 demo from WWDC

Here's the demo of id tech 5, id Software's new graphical engine, running on a Mac at the WWDC keynote. It looks very nice (it should, at 20gb of textures), and Carmack says the engine will allow programmers to come in and get the game right first, and then let their artists loose on it. Levels c...

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