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Need a few petabytes of Mac storage? Build your own BackBlaze Storage Pod

One of the largest personal iTunes libraries I've ever seen belongs to a client of mine. This client, who was a DJ in the 50's and 60's, has a huge collection of vinyl albums and singles that he painstakingly digitized, cleaned up, and catalogued in iTunes. Needless to say, opening iTunes on his Mac...

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Mars Needs Backups

Since backing up is the computing equivalent of a dentist visit -- sure you should do it, but it seems to slip down the priority list somehow -- we all end up looking for the WaterPik of backup to reduce the pain and aggravation. With SuperDuper!, Retrospect and others crowding the pool and Time Mac...

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Apple testing new Backup update

We got word from a tipster that Apple is about to seed a software update for their Backup application to select users, who are being notified by invitation-only to participate in the super-exclusive AppleSeed program. No word yet on what improvements or enhancements are being tested, but we'll let y...

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How to: Make your own .Mac Backup QuickPicks

This tip comes courtesy of JC at Mac Geekery, who has discovered how easy it is to roll your own QuickPicks for .Mac Backup by editing the DefinitionPlist.strings found inside the packages within Library/Application Support/Backup/QuickPicks/. QuickPicks are those pre-defined backup sets that grab s...

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