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Holiday Gift Guide: Buying a Mac

The holiday season is fast approaching which means it's time to start thinking about your loved ones and the gifts they may want to receive. High on the list for some may be a new shiny Mac to replace their old, worn-out computer. It's an expensive gift and one that you'll want to research befo...

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Mac Book Pro has cons (and pros)

Our good friend Giles Turnbull (whom I have never met, nor spoken to but still consider a friend. Ain't the internet wacky?) lists the pros and cons of the Mac Book Pro. Other than a little noise and heat, he seems to be enamored with his Mac Book Pro. How about you? If you have a Mac Book Pro are y...

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Price bout: Dell vs. Mac Book Pro

Dell. The very name makes me imagine dull little boxes doing dull little tasks, however, they are the price leader (and overall marketshare leader) on the PC side of the fence. Therefore, by law, every tech columnist much compare Dell's prices to the newest Mac to prove, once and for all, that Mac u...

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