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Holiday Gift Guide: Buying a Mac

The holiday season is fast approaching which means it's time to start thinking about your loved ones and the gifts they may want to receive. High on the list for some may be a new shiny Mac to replace their old, worn-out computer. It's an expensive gift and one that you'll want to research befo...

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Apple introduces new Mac mini with faster processors, Thunderbolt, server option

Besides its MacBook Air model, Apple also introduced a new Mac mini -- which lacks a previously standard component, as the new mini has no optical drive. It does support Apple's remote drive software, allowing you to use another Mac or PC's optical drive over the network. The latest version...

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Xserve End Of Life: Some opinions and ideas about Apple's server strategy

As an Apple Consultants Network member who has installed his share of Apple Xserves, I have mixed emotions about Apple's decision today to pull the plug on the only "real" server that they've been selling. On the one hand, Apple hasn't been selling a lot of the pricey pizza boxes to big business, ...

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MacMiniColo will host your Mac Mini server for just $10/month for 6 months

Colocation facilities are typically stuffed full of various rack-mounted servers running all manner of websites and other tasks with fat pipe connections to internet backbones. One company, MacMiniColo, offers colocation services and is dedicated to hosting Mac mini servers. Long before Apple i...

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Working with the new Apple Mac mini Server and Snow Leopard Server

It's always nice when, as a Mac consultant, I can play with the latest hardware and software and get paid to do it. Last week was no exception, and when I received a call from a new client who wanted assistance with a Mac mini Server, I jumped at the chance. Since the introduction of the Mac mini i...

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Why an Apple-blessed Mac mini server has big possibilities

A few minutes after we heard about all of the new product announcements this morning, this email came in from TUAW reader Daniel: Can you god blessed brains explain in some easy-to-understand way what are the possibilities for a Mac mini server for us non-tech brained mortals? Why, of course we c...

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